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ל PMW-F5 חיישן סופר 35 מ"מ של סוני, ויכולת הקלטה של עד 4K בפורמט XAVC-I ללא מקליט חיצוני. ניתן להקליט גם בפורמט RAW באמצעות מקליט חיצוני של סוני.
  • 8.9MP Super 35mm CMOS Image Sensor
  • 4K/2K RAW Recording to Optional Recorder
  • 2K RAW up to 240fps; 1080p up to 180fps
  • SStP SR at 4:4:4 Internally
  • 14 Stops of Dynamic Range
  • Built-in 10-Bit 4:4:4 at 440 Mbps
מק"ט CAM-F5K

Sony 4K sensor for gorgeous, super-sampled HD and 2K

The PMW-F5 CineAlta camera shoots spectacular images with its 8.9 megapixels (effective) Sony 4K image sensor. You get superior, super-sampled pictures with noticeably higher contrast, rich colour reproduction and greater clarity. The camera offers robust built-in recording modes, all with vibrant 4:2:2 colour. Irresistible options include the amazing precision of 16-bit linear RAW 2K/4K recording and high speed shooting at up to 120 fps without cropping.

Multiple recording formats includes HD/2K on SxS memory and 16-bit RAW 2K/4K on AXSM™ media

Multiple recording formats include MPEG-2 HD422, MPEG4 SStP, XAVC 2K/HD and 16-bit RAW 2K/4K*. You can have simultaneous recording on internal high-speed SxS PRO+ memory cards and RAW 2K/4K recording on sleek AXSM™ memory cards using the optional bolt-on AXS-R5 recorder, designed specifically to attach seamlessly to the F55 and F5 cameras. The CBKZ-55FX software upgrade for the PMW-F5 also enables XAVC 4K and XAVC QFHD internal recording, simultaneous recording of XAVC 4K and HD resolution on one SxS PRO+ card at the same time and 4K/QFHD output via 3G-SDI and HDMI**. There is also high speed shooting up to180 fps XAVC 2K/HD* internally and 120 fps RAW 2K onto the AXS-R5. Recording directly in Apple ProRes codec and Avid DNxHD codec are also available options.***

* Recording onto the optional AXS-R5 recorder.
** Requires CBKZ-55FX software upgrade and Version 5.0 firmware update.
*** Requires CBK-55PD codec board.

Lightweight modular design to maximise versatility in 2D and 3D

The F5 is exceptionally small, light and modular, letting you build up the right configuration for each job ‐ or each shot. The camera includes cache recording functions and has an easy‐to‐access customised user menu that sits on top of the setup menu. As well as the choice of formats and internal and external recording options, you can attached a variety of viewfinders, including the revolutionary optional DVF‐EL100 OLED viewfinder, PL‐mount, FZ‐mount and still lenses, including second-generation Sony PL‐mount lenses, and extra long-life Olivine ‐ Lithium Iron Phosphate ‐ batteries. The chassis is only slightly wider than a typical PL‐mount prime lens, perfect for 3D rigs. An optional shoulder rig provides for hand-held and shoulder‐mounted shooting.

Version 5.0 firmware update

Version 5.0 firmware increases the functionality of the PMW-F55/F5. Upgraded functions include: DNR (Noise suppression) in Cine-EI mode; Memory A/B White Balance in Custom mode; assignable Colour Bars On/Off; assignable VF Magnification On/Off; changing FPS (STEP) with Menu knob (push for 2 seconds); the Double Speed VF setting remains while switching HFR On to Off; and simultaneous recording on SStP 422 SQ at 59.94i (SStP and MPEG 50). Version 5.0 also supports additional codecs, including ProRes 4444* with the installation of the optional CBK-55PD codec board. It is also possible to assign EI value to the Gain Switch in Cine-EI mode** and 3200K/4300K/5500K to White A/B/Preset switch in Cine-EI mode**. Wireless Audio settings can also be set via the "WRR" page**.

* Requires CBK-55PD firmware update 2015.
** These functions require the attachment of CBK-55BK build-up kit.

The Software Upgrade for PMW-F5 / PMW-F55 Camcorder from Sony enables XAVC 4K and XAVC QFHD internal recording, simultaneous recording of XAVC 4K & HD resolution onto one SxS Pro+ memory card, and output via 3G-SDI or HDMI. This software upgrade operates with camera firmware version 5.0 and higher.

Activates internal 4K/QFHD internal recording and playback
Records XAVC 4K/QFHD and HD format on the same SxS Pro+ memory card
Output options via SDI and HDMI


Sensor Type

Super 35mm equivalent single-chip CMOS



Dynamic Range/ Latitude

14 Stops

Shutter Type

Electrical shutter


Video Recording Format

HD 422 mode: CBR, 50 Mbps max, MPEG-2 422P@HL

Recording Time GB/min


Shutter Speed

1/24s to 1/6,000s

Slow & Quick Motion Function

XAVC HD/2K: 1-100p (PAL) at 25p
XAVC HD/2K: 1-120p (NTSC) at 23.98p, 29.97p


Memory Cards

SxS Cards


HD-Y or HD Sync (tri-level) V1.0 Analog Composite (VUP)
SDI 1/2 Line Output, SDI 3/4 Monitor Output (character on/off)


Lens Mount

PL Mount



מצלמה F5
ויופיינדר OLED HD DVF-EL100
מתקון ויופיינדר
כבל ויופיינדר
ריג למצלמה F55/F5
ידית עליונה
מתקון בארז + כותפת
חיבור לסוללות V-Lock
סוללות + מטען
תיק מצלמה
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