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ZEISS High Speed Prime T1.3 Lens Set

סט 5 עדשות היי ספיד בצמצם 1.3. הסט כולל עדשות:  18mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm ובנוסף אפשר להשלים לסט את עדשה 135mm.
מק"ט LNS-PS

ZEISS Super Speed (high speed) Prime T1.3 Lens Set MK. III

The Mk. III version have a gear on the iris ring and a different focus helix thread that allows rotation of nearly a full turn. Mk. III focus scales are slightly larger in diameter than Mk II and are marked in feet or meter exclusively. The focus gear is 80.8mm diameter for S16mm lenses. The focus marks are larger and have witness lines engraved underneath to show exactly where each distance is calibrated. The marks are oriented at 90º to the lens mount instead of on the axis of the lens. There is one scale for each side of the lens, so the assistant does not have to “flip” the lens over to have a focus scale available when switching sides on the camera.Although there is more room on the Mk III scale ring due to the longer rotation, the larger size of the marks means that there are less marks near infinity.

ZEISS 18mm T1.3
ZEISS 25mm T1.3
ZEISS 35mm T1.3
ZEISS 50mm T1.3
ZEISS 85mm T1.3

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