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CHROSZIEL Swing-Away Matte Box

מטבוקס סווינג אווי של חברת Chrosziel המאפשר החלפת עדשות נוחה ומהירה. ניתן לעבוד עם עד 3 פילטרים במקביל, 4X4 או 4X5.6.
  • 1 x Fixed Filter Stage
  • Tray Supports 4 x 4" / 4 x 5.65" Filters
  • 15mm LWS Rod Swing Away Design
  • Adjustable Height Filter Slots
  • Accepts Optional Filter Stages
  • Metal Frame with Polystyrene Hood
  • Includes Top Flag, Accepts Side Flags
מק"ט MAT-SW1

The Chrosziel Swing Away Production Matte Box for 15mm Rods supports a single 4 x 4" or 4 x 5.65" filter and features a swing-away design for quick and easy lens change. Optional anti-reflection rings/donuts are available when using the matte box with lenses that have a smaller front outer diameter so that light can't leak from behind the lens, bounce off your filter and flare your image.

The matte box clamps onto 15mm LWS rods and features a swing-away design that allows you to clear the hood out of the way when changing lenses. The included filter tray is height adjustable, and a detent on the filter tray allows you to quickly find the center of the filter when inserting the tray into the matte box. Optional single, double, and triple filter stages can be attached for a maximum of four filter stages. With these optional stages, the stage closes to the lens rotates. The matte box is made from anodized aluminum with the hood made from polystyrene. It includes a removable top flag and incorporates hinges for optional side flags.

מטבוקס סווינג אווי
מתאם ל 3 מגשי פילטרים
מתאם ל 2 מגשי פילטרים
3 מגשים לפילטרים 4X4 או 4X5.6
רינג 80 מ"מ
רינג 85 מ"מ
רינג 95 מ"מ
פרנצ' פלאג עליון
2 X פרנצ' פלאג צידי

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