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ZEISS Ultra Prime T1.9 Lens Set

סט עדשות אולטרה פריים הוא אחד הסטים הפופולריים בעולם, עם חדות צבע וניגודיות צלולים והתאמה מלאה לכל טווח. הסט כולל עדשות. הסט מכיל 16mm, 20mm, 24m, 28mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 85mm, 100mm, 135mm. ואף ניתן להגדיל את הסט ולהזמין בנפרד  65mm, 14mm ו - 180mm.
  • 15 modern high performance prime lenses (T.1.9)
  • Widest focal length range: 14 - 180 mm
  • Ultra Prime 8R – extreme wide angle lens
  • Ultra Prime 180 the best cinema telephoto prime
  • Superior close focus ability
מק"ט LNS-UPK

Ultra Prime Lenses have the widest focal range of any prime lens set available to cover every cinematic need: from the unique Ultra Prime 8R extreme wide angle lens to the best telephoto lens designed specifically for motion pictures, the Ultra Prime 180 mm, giving you the flexibility to get the coverage you want.

Ultra Prime Lenses retain their excellent image quality even at close focus across the whole Super 35 frame. The Ultra Prime Lenses are lightweight standard speed lenses that are a perfect optical match to the high speed Master Prime Lenses.

Ultra Prime T1.9/16 mm
Ultra Prime T1.9/20 mm
Ultra Prime T1.9/24 mm
Ultra Prime T1.9/28 mm
Ultra Prime T1.9/32 mm
Ultra Prime T1.9/40 mm
Ultra Prime T1.9/50 mm
Ultra Prime T1.9/85 mm
Ultra Prime T1.9/100 mm
Ultra Prime T1.9/135 mm

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