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SACHTLER Video 20 Fluid Head

חצובה מקצועית לצילום וידאו בעלת יכולת נשיאת משקל קטן עד בינוני (2-25 ק"ג), ראש כדורי 100 מ"מ
  • Supports 4-55 lbs 2-25kg
  • Balances DSLR to ENG/EFP Cameras
  • 100mm Bowl Mount
  • Touch & Go Plate
מק"ט POD-S20

As a relaunch of the legendary Video 20 head, the Sachtler Video 20 Fluid Head incorporates a wider payload range and a faster, simpler balancing system. The increased range means that even lightweight cameras–such as video DSLRs–can be used effectively on this head, aided by a 16-step counterbalance system that allows for fine degrees of tuning. Like its predecessor, the Video 20 S1 can also easily handle heavier ENG and EFP camcorders, with a Boost Button now included for sudden shifts in payload range (for example, when switching out a shoulder-mount camera for a handheld HDV camcorder or DSLR).

Along with the enhanced counterbalance come those features that made the original Video 18 so popular, including 7 levels of drag, a self-illuminating bubble level, a Touch and Go plate for speedy mounting and removal, and Sachtler's already proven Speedbalance technology. The Video 20 S1 not only embraces the Video 20's reputation in the field of newsgathering, it aims to surpass it.

חצובה Video 20
פלטקה Sony
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