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מוניטור 17" LCD באיכות גבוהה ברזולוציה 1280*768 בעל ניטור צבעים מדויק ומצויד בפיצ'רים הנחוצים לעבודה על הסט
  • Size "17
  •  1280*768
  • Broadcast Quality
  • Waveform Monitoring
  • Analog and Digital Inputs
  • 1:1 Pixel-to-Pixel Mapping
  • Cine-Gamma
  • Doublespeed Drive
מק"ט MON-H17

The Panasonic BT-LH1760W is a 17" widescreen monitor designed for broadcast and studio applications. The LCD is equipped with double speed drive, helping eliminate motion blur.It utilizes advanced processing technology to reproduce images with color and contrast qualities once found only in CRT monitors. This model is capable of displaying all the HDTV formats and frame rates as well as being NTSC and PAL systems compatible.

Broadcast Quality
The BT-LH1760W is suitable for broadcast and professional applications. The monitor compensates for RGB accuracy in 256 discrete steps. The rated gamma properties (g = 2.2) are reproduced and the gradation suitable for broadcasting is achieved. Color temperature is selectable from 3 preset values, 9300K, 6500K and 5600K as well as totally custom settings ranging from 3000K to 9300K.
Diagonal Line Compensation
A special circuit compensating for noise caused from diagonal lines has been developed for the BT-LH1760W. This processing reduces the occurrences of jagged noise in the diagonal direction, not just vertically in the field, by detecting correlations and making optimal interpolations.
Color Space Conversion
The BT-LH1760W uses a technology to produce the same EBU-based colors as CRT monitors. Colors on CRTs appear different from those in LCD monitors due to slight differences in the monitor's chromatic range. Color-Space Conversion compensates for these differences.
Analog and Digital Inputs
This monitor is compatible with multiple HD and SD formats. Two SDI inputs with automatic switching between HD and SD comes standard. The monitor is also equipped with one SDI output, a Component input (Y/Pb/Pr) with RGB switching, Y/C and Composite Video. The RGB input selection is compatible with computer input.
Waveform Monitoring
Here's a custom feature: BT-LH1760W will display the input signal as a waveform image. The waveform monitor screen can be picture-in-picture on top the video image and the overlay picture can be placed in any of the screen's four corners.
Split Screen
A frame of video can easily be frozen and displayed as a still image on the left side of the screen. This function can be utilized to match a live camera with a frame of video shot at an earlier time or with a different camera. There are two display modes: FULL for displaying and comparing the entire image on the screen, and PART for displaying and comparing only the center part of the images.
Application Video, Studio, Field Monitoring
LCD Size 17"
Video System NTSC/PAL
Picture Elements 1280 x 768
Input and Output Connectors Composite: BNC (x1 Input, x1 Output)
Component: BNC (x2 Input)
HD/SD-SDI: BNC (x2 Input, x1 Output)
Sync: BNC (x1 Input With Loop Output)
VD: BNC (x1)
DVI-D with HDCP: DVI (x1 Input)
Audio: Pinjack (x2)
Headphone Output: 1/8" Stereo Mini (x1)
GPI: 9-Pin DSub
RS-232C: 9-Pin DSub
Picture Controls Brightness
Remote Control RS-232C, GPI
Viewing Angle 178°
Power Requirements 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 4.0A
Dimensions (WxHxD) Without Stand
16.9 x 12.2 x 3.3" (43 x 31 x 8.3cm)
Weight 15.7 lbs (7.1kg)


Monitor - COLOR

Approx. 16,770,000 colors



Monitor - SIZE

17" 15:9

Monitor - WEIGHT


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כבל קומקום
כבל BNC
מגן מסך
סך שמש
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