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ZEISS Supreme Prime Radiance Diamond 4-Lens Set PL-Mount

סט 4 עדשות Supreme Prime מבית ZEISS הוא סט משלים המרחיב את האפשרויות לעבודה עם העדשות האיכותיות בצמצם T1.5. הסט מגיע עם מאונט PL ומתאים בצורה מושלמת למצלמות המצוידות בחיישן Full Frame כגון ALEXA LF, VENICE וכדומה, ומתאימות גם למצלמות בעלות חיישן 35 מ"מ. הסט הכולל 4 עדשות: 29, 40, 65, ו135 כולן T1.5
  • Prime Lenses for PL-Mount Cameras
  • 4 x Focal Length Prime Lens Set
  • T1.5 Maximum Aperture
  • Each Lens Has a 16-Blade Iris
  • Similar Physical Dimensions
  • Designed for 4K Resolution
  • Excellent Low-Light Capability
מק"ט LNS-SSU

ZEISS Supreme Prime

Beautiful Look, Full Control
Create images with beautiful, controlled flares without sacrificing contrast or control with the ZEISS Supreme Prime Radiance . This modern large-format cinema lens uses the T* blue coating to achieve this effect and will ensure that contrast is maintained and transmission remains consistent.

Large-Format Coverage with High Speed

Much like the Supreme Primes, the Radiance lenses are robust, professional-grade cinema lenses designed to cover large-format systems, such as full-frame, thanks to a 46.3mm image circle. Also, these lenses feature a fast maximum aperture of T1.5 for shallow depth of field and excellent operation in low-light conditions.The fast maximum T-stop of T1.5 combined with a 16-blade circular aperture provides a smooth transition between in-focus and out-of-focus areas of the scene. Cinematographers will be able to create images with rich texture and greater depth.

ZEISS Supreme Prime Radiance 18mm AOV Comparison

T* blue Coating for Adding Character

A newly developed T* blue coating provides cinematographers with even more options for their image. Cinematographers can control the effect through careful use and placement of lighting in the shot. Under normal lighting, the Supreme Prime Radiance lenses will render like similar modern lenses. With select lighting directed into the lens, they will begin to flare. The Supreme Prime Radiance lenses are also slightly warmer than the Supreme Primes though they maintain critical qualities that allow them to capture textures and details with a crisp, yet organic look.

Design and Manufactured in Germany

ZEISS cinematography lenses are designed and manufactured at their headquarters in Germany. Each lens is manually assembled and engraved with individually calibrated focus scales. ZEISS' precise engineering guarantees quality and smooth operation. These lenses are also designed for serviceability.
ZEISS Made in Germany
ZEISS eXtended Data

ZEISS eXtended Data Technology

Improve your capture and post-production workflow with ZEISS eXtended Data Technology. It is based on Cooke /i Technology to record important, frame-accurate lens data that is useful in advanced VFX, virtual production, and green screen work. It includes Cooke /i information such as lens name, type, and focal length, focusing distance, T-stop, depth-of-field data, and more.ZEISS eXtended Data adds frame-accurate information about lens distortion characteristics based on the focal point and lens shading characteristics based on the focal point and T-stop.

A Matched Set

The ZEISS Supreme Prime Radiance series offers Seven different focal lengths: 18, 21, 25, 35, 50, 85, and 135mm. .

ZEISS Supreme Prime




Supreme Prime Radiance 29mm T1.5 Lens (PL, Feet)
Supreme Prime Radiance 40mm T1.5 Lens (PL, Feet)
Supreme Prime Radiance 65mm T1.5 Lens (PL, Feet)
Supreme Prime Radiance 135mm T1.5 Lens (PL, Feet)
Hard Case

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