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SIRUI SVT75 Pro Rapid System One-Step Release Video Tripod with SVH15 Video Fluid Head Kit

חצובת SVH15 ראש 75 מ"מ עם רגליים SVT75 פתיחה מהירה של חברת Sirui. מערכת חצובה ורסטילית, יציבה, ובעלת פתיחה בקליק אחד. יכולה לסחוב עד 15 ק"ג, ומגיעה לגובה של 1.5 מטר.
  • SVT75 Pro 3-Section Carbon Fiber Legs
  • SVH15 75mm Sideload Fluid Head
  • Load Capacity: 33 lb
  • Height Range: 8.3 to 60.2"
  • Folded Length: 29.5"; Weight: 9.5 lb
  • Strap, Handle & Mid-Level Spreader
מק"ט POD-S15

The SVT75 Pro Rapid System One-Step Release Video Tripod with SVH15 Video Fluid Head Kit from Sirui is a versatile, yet lightweight and portable travel tripod and fluid head system with a minimum height of 8.3", maximum height of 60.2", and a load capacity of 33 lb when assembled.

The SVH15 ball head features a side-load receiver with a quick release plate, and it features a 75mm half-ball base, stepless damping adjustments, 7+0 steps of counterbalance, and a -70/+90° tilt range. The 3-section carbon fiber legs feature a 75mm bowl, a mid-level spreader, dual-spiked feet, rubber feet, a handle, and a strap.

Sirui SVT75 Pro Rapid System One-Step Height Adjustment Video Tripod

The SVT75 Pro Rapid System One-Step Height Adjustment Video Tripod from Sirui is a lightweight and compact tripod that provides a minimum height of 8.3", a maximum height of 59", and a folded length of 29.5", and it supports loads up to 55.1 lb. Mount a separately available fluid head using its 75mm half ball mount.

The carbon fiber and aluminum legs feature flip-lock joints, and it allows you to quickly adjust height in one step. The mid-level spreader is easy to install and provides a quick way to set up, adjust the height, and break down, and a carry strap and quick release handle are included to assist in setup and transport. The rubber feet provide traction and incorporate steel foot spikes for outdoor use. A carry bag is included to store and transport the tripod.

Sirui SVH15 75mm Fluid Head with Sideload Mechanism

For professional video applications, the SVH15 75mm Fluid Head with Sideload Mechanism from Sirui features a 75mm ball base for use on compatible tripod legs or other accessories such as sliders and jibs. Fluid damping adjustment can be applied continuously for frictionless movement, and an adjustable 7+0 step counterbalance can compensate for cameras weighing from 8.8 lb at the most extreme angles, up to 33 lb when horizontal. The SVH15 pan/tilt movement is controlled with dual rosette-mounted pan handles, and it features a -70/+90° range.

The side-loading camera platform secures the camera plate with dual locks, preventing the camera from accidentally falling off the head during adjustment. To save time when balancing your camera, the platform is etched with calibrated measurements. The side-loading plate features padding on top and 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 camera mounting screws. Durable aluminum construction provides durability while maintaining a manageable weight.

Quick Features

  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Continuous fluid drag control for panning and tilting
  • 7+0 steps of counterbalance adjustment
  • Illuminated bubble level on top
  • Dual Safety Lock Quick Release Platform: Prevents the camera from sliding off the head while aligning for proper balance
  • Calibrated Quick Release Platform: Easily reposition your equipment using the etched scale on the platform
  • Dual telescoping handles
  • 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 camera mounting screws on side-loading quick release plate
  • Integrated 75mm half-ball base with 3/8"-16 thread with adjustment handle
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