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RT MOTION RT MK3.1 Wireless Lens Control Kit with 6-Axis Transmitter

פולופוקוס אלחוטי אמין ומדויק מתוצרת RTMOTION המאפשר בנוסף שליטה מדויקת גם בזום ע"י ג'ואיסטיק. מתאים לטווח ארוך - עד 1.5 ק"מ קו ראייה. מגיע עם מנוע אחד, שניים  או שלושה לשליטה על צמצם או זום בנוסף לפוקוס.
  • 6-Axis MK3.1 Transmitter/Controller
  • 3-Channel MK3.1 Receiver
  • Includes MK3.1 Motor with Drive Cable
  • Customizable Camera Controls
  • Approx. 3000' Range
  • Expandable with Motors and Thumbwheels
  • Includes Hard Case
מק"ט WIR-RT3

The Teradek RT MK3.1 Wireless Lens Control Kit with 6-Axis Transmitter is a professional system for controlling cinema lenses. This kit is based off a 6-axis MK3.1 transmitter hand controller, a 3-channel MK3.1 receiver motor driver, and a single MK3.1 lens control motor. This kit is all-inclusive for a single-motor setup, as it includes all necessary cables to connect the equipment. Extra motors and drive cables can be purchased as necessary to expand the kit. All that is required is a 10-17V DC power source (such as a D-Tap from a battery) for the receiver. When you're done with your shoot, the equipment can be packed away inside the included hard case for protection during transport and storage. See below for more information on the items included in this kit.

  • MK3.1 6-Axis Wireless Lens Controller with Joystick Zoom

    Teradek's RT MK3.1 6-Axis Wireless Controller provides up to 6-axis lens motor control (receiver and motors available separately). Stepping-up from the 4-axis version, the MK3.1 6-Axis Controller includes a Force Joystick zoom button for smooth, sensitive zoom moves. It also offers a large focus knob, one slider control, and two side knobs (A and B). Each input on the versatile MK3.1 Controller can be mapped to any lens axis (focus, iris, zoom direction/speed, or 3D function) as you prefer. In addition to F/I/Z control, the MK3.1 system enables you to remotely start/stop select HD cameras such as ARRI, Blackmagic, Phantom Flex, RED, Sony, and LANC-compatible models.

    Automatic and manual calibration options combine with a large, adjustable fluid-feel knob to provide lens-friendly adjustments. Navigate the MK3.1 Controller's menu using its push buttons, and view your settings on the OLED screen display. The lightweight MK3.1 system features 42 selectable channels, 16-bit transmission up to 0.9 miles, and minimal latency of 2 ms. Wired operation is supported for locations like medical facilities where RF transmission is not allowed.

    Constructed from aerospace-grade aluminum, the MK3.1 Controller is designed with internal antennas to lessen the possibility of damage. A lanyard-mounting point, and three 1/4"-20 mounts provide options for safely securing the controller when you need to free your hands for other tasks. The MK3.1 Controller is powered using widely available Canon LP-E6 batteries, providing a runtime of up to 36 hours. The MK3.1 can also be powered via USB, after removing the spent LP-E6 battery.

    • Versatile 6-axis control for one to six motors, including 3D functions
    • Force joystick button for smooth zoom moves
    • Push-button menu control and OLED screen display
    • 16-bit transmission with up to 0.9-mile range, and 2ms of latency
    • 6-axis control with large knob, slider, and two side knobs
    • Internal antennas lessen possibility of damage
    • Robust aluminum construction
    • Auto or manual (soft-stop) calibration
    • Calibration algorithm and torque control protects lenses
    • Updatable firmware via Mac OS X or PC
    • FCC/IC/CE–certified
    • Uses the widely available Canon LP-E6 battery
    Run/Stop Support
    Including but not limited to:
    ARRI ALEXA, Blackmagic, LANC-compatible cameras, RED EPIC, RED ONE, Phantom Flex, Sony F55
     UPC: 818264022153
  • RT MK3.1 Lightweight Receiver (3 Axis)

    The RT MK3.1 Lightweight Receiver Module (3 Axis) from Teradek controls up to three lens settings such as focus, iris, and/or zoom. It also offers a start/stop function for select HD cameras such as ARRI, Blackmagic, Phantom Flex, RED, Sony, and LANC-compatible models. Features include an auxiliary port for slave (analog) controllers or wired mode support, and a multicolored status display. Use this receiver with a RT MK3.1 controller and motors (receiver and motors available separately).

    This ultra-compact, lightweight unit measures less than 4" in length, and weighs just over 4 oz. The RT MK3.1 Receiver is designed with an integrated antenna, lessening the chance of antenna damage.

    • Controls up to three lens settings such as focus, iris, or zoom
    • Run/stop support for select cameras
    • Supports slave/analog controllers and wired mode via an auxiliary port
    • Lightweight unit measures less than 4" in length, and weighs just over 4 oz
    • Internal antenna lessens chance of damage
    • Multicolored status display
    Run/Stop Support
    Including but not limited to:
    LANC-compatible models
    Phantom Flex
     UPC: 818264022436
  • RT MK3.1 Brushless Lens Motor

    Teradek's RT MK3.1 Brushless Lens Motor is designed to remotely control your lens focus, iris, or zoom, or other function. The MK3.1 motor operates smoothly and quietly, even during slow, high-torque moves. This brushless motor features electronic backlash-compensation, a high-resolution encoder, and an integrated heat sink. For optimal flexibility, a gear can be attached to either side of the MK3.1 Motor, expanding position choice to either side of the lens, depending on your camera configuration.

    For maximum mounting flexibility, the MK3.1 Motor includes a height-adjustable 19mm rod bracket with a 15mm insert adapter. A 0.8 mod lens gear is included with the motor; gears are available separately in 0.4/0.5/0.6 mod, and 0.8 mod wide options. Thin, flexible 3mm cables (available separately) save space, and enable close arrangements of your motor(s) on your camera rig.

    • Remotely control your lens focus, iris, or zoom, or other function
    • Long-lasting brushless vector drive
    • Includes a 0.8 mod lens gear
    • Gear can be positioned on either side of the motor
    • Height-adjustable 19mm rod bracket with a 15mm insert adapter
    • Electronic backlash-compensation accommodates a wide range of lens torque
    • Uses strong, thin, 3mm cables for easy positioning on your camera rig
     UPC: 818264022382
  • RT MK3.1 Motor Cable (24")

    Use this 24" long RT MK3.1 Motor Cable from Teradek to connect the MK3.1 lens motor to the MK3.1 receiver. Design features include thin, ultra-flexible cable, and one right-angle and one straight connector. This cable is designed to exit the motor in a vertical position, creating a neat, compact route to the receiver.

     UPC: 818264021651
  • RT MK3.1 D-Tap Power Cable (24")

    This 24" RT MK3.1 D-Tap Power Cable from Teradek connects power from a D-tap power source to the MK3.1 receiver. This cable is designed with a 4-pin Hirose connector on one end, and a D-tap connector on the other.

     UPC: 818264021637
  • RT Wired-Mode Controller Cable (6.6')

    Use this 6.6' RT Wired-Mode Controller Cable from Teradek to connect an RT controller to an RT receiver in settings like hospitals where wireless use is not practical, or not permitted. This cable is compatible with the MK3.1 Controller, MK3.1 Receiver, all Latitude MDR models, Smartknob, other RT controllers, and supported OMOD controls.

    Design features include two LEMO connectors, both straight-angled. One of three lengths available, this RT Wired-Mode cable enables you to work up to 6.6' away from your camera rig.

     UPC: 818264021859
  • RT Case for MK3.1 System with Up to 3x Motors

    Use the RT MK3.1 System Case from Teradek to transport a complete MK3.1 lens control system. The interior of this hard case has a foam interior custom-cut to fit up to three lens motors, one receiver, eight marking disks, and accessories such as a thumbwheel. The MK3.1 System Case is a dust-proof, waterproof case with an integrated pressure valve. Your receiver and motors may be stored attached to their mounting brackets, saving you time when reassembling the system.

    • Custom-cut foam interior
    • Fits an RT MK3.1 system with up to three motors
    • Dust-proof and waterproof
    • Integrated pressure valve
    • Space for disks, cables, and accessories
     UPC: 818264021880
  • RT Receiver 19/15mm Rod Clamp with 1/4"-20 Mount

    The RT Receiver Rod Clamp from Teradek is used to securely mount an RT receiver to a single 19mm or 15mm rod. Mount the Receiver Rod Clamp directly to the 1/4"-20 thread on an MDR-M or MK3.1 Receiver, or to the 1/4"-20 thread on the mounting bracket for the MDR-MB unit. This compact, double bracket's 1/4"-20 thumbscrew fastens to a 19mm rod on one flank, or to a 15mm rod on the other.

     UPC: 818264022085
  • RT Controller Neck Strap

    This RT Controller Neck Strap from Teradek is designed to carry the MK3.1 controller hand unit. Use this strap to position the control unit around your neck or across your body, or to drape the controller from a stand when not in use.

     UPC: 818264022412
  • LP-E6 Compatible 7.4V/2000mAh Lithium-Ion Battery for Paralinx Triton Transmitter

    The Paralinx 7.4V/2000mAh Li-Ion Battery from Teradek is a Canon LP-E6-style battery designed for powering the Paralinx Triton transmitter unit. It features a capacity of 2000mAh and 7.4V of output and can power the receiver for approximately 2 to 3 hours. It attaches directly to the compatible battery plate on the transmitter unit.

     UPC: 750408363886
  • LP-E6 Compatible 7.4V/2000mAh Battery Charger with US Plug

    The Paralinx Battery Charger from Teradek is designed for charging the LP-E6 compatible 7.4V/2000mAh battery pack for the Paralinx Triton transmitter unit.

  • White Marking Disk for RT MK3.1 Controller

    The White Marking Disk for RT MK3.1 Controller from Teradek works with the RT MK3.1 hand unit. Use this beveled disk for marking focus distances or iris stops. Marks from non-permanent and china markers are easily removed; use isopropyl alcohol to clean notations made with permanent markers.

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X1 מקלט לפולופוקוס RTMotion
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X1 כבל מתח מ D-Tap ל Hirose 4pin
X1 כבל Start/Stop LANC
X1 כבל כוח + Start/Stop לסוני וואריקם - Hirose 4pin
X1 כבל Start/Stop לארי - Fischer 3pin ל Hirose 4pin
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