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DJI Wireless Follow Focus System

סט Follow Focus אלחוטי מבית DJI עם מנוע אחד. קל מאוד ונוח לתפעול. המנוע מכיל בתוכו גם את המקלט, מה שהופך אותו לאידיאלי לעבודה עם גימבלים ורחפנים ללא צורך למתקן גם מקלט ועוד כבלים מיותרים. בטווח עבודה עד 100 מטר. הפולופוקוס מתממשק בצורה מושלמת לגימבלים של DJI כמו ZENMUSE X5, RONIN ו- RONIN-M.
  • Control Angle Accuracy:±0.002°
  • Brushless Motor and Receiver in One Unit
  • Up to 330' Line-of-Sight Range
  • Adjustable Endpoints
  • Works with Ronin and Ronin-M
  • Works with Zenmuse X5 or X5R Cameras
  • Fits Standard 15mm and 19mm Rods
  • Built-In Rosette Mount
מק"ט WIR-DJF

DJI Wireless Follow Focus System

DJI's Focus is a wireless follow focus that integrates natively with the Zenmuse Z5 series of camera/gimbals systems and can be mounted on rigs equipped with 15mm or 19mm rods – including the Ronin and Ronin-M gimbals. The Focus features a handheld remote controller (transmitter) with a focus knob to give to the feel of a traditional mechanical follow focus. The wireless system sports a range of up to 330' line-of-sight with a delay of only 14ms.

Control accuracy of ±0.002°
Self-contained drive unit combines brushless motor and receiver in a single module – simplifying installation and requiring only a single power source
Use with Inspire 1 Quadcopter carrying Zenmuse X5 or X5R camera
Adjustable endpoints – ideal for lenses, such as photo lenses, that lack "hard" stops
Programmable focus points and other parameters adjustable through controller menu
OLED display on controller for menu access and status display
Compatible with DJI's Ronin and Ronin-M gimbals
Works with third-party gimbals or rigs that have 15mm or 19mm rod support
Dual communication ports for future upgrades
Built-in rosette for greater mounting flexibility
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מנוע פוקוס
כבל מתח למנוע
טבעות סימון
מתאם לבאר 15מ"מ
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