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Tilta Remote Control Kit for DJI RS 2

ה- Remote Control Kit for DJI RS 2 מבית TILTA היא יחידת שליטה עצמאית השולטת על גימבל Ronin S 2 בצורה אלחוטית/חוטית. המערכת עובדת על בסיס סוללות SONY NPF ומאפשרת מתקון מוניטור/טלפון ופולופוקוס.
  • Remotely Control DJI RS 2 Gimbal
  • Battery-Powered Remote Control Handle
  • Remote Control Receiver Module
  • RS 2 Power Base & Mounting Bracket
  • Wired or Wireless Operation
  • 2-Pin & 6-Pin LEMO-Type Cables Included
מק"ט VA-RCK

Control your DJI RS 2 gimbal remotely with this Remote Control Kit from Tilta. The kit includes a remote control handle with mounting bracket, a remote control receiver module and a 6-pin LEMO-type cable.

The handle allows you to control the settings as well as the pan and tilt of the gimbal. It is powered using a separately available L-series battery and mounts onto your rig using a rosette. The wireless receiver module allows you to wirelessly control the gimbal with the handle from up to 262' away, or you can connect the handle using the included LEMO-type cable with the receiver for wired control. The base mounts onto the bottom of the RS 2 and allows you to plug in an external power source such as a high-capacity V-mount or Gold mount battery.

Key Features

Quick Pairing Wireless Control

Install the remote control module to the NATO connector on the right side of the gimbal.

Operate From Inside the Car

Operate from inside the car with full control. Maximum control distance is 262.5'.

Wired Control For Optimized Response

Provides more precise control under complex situations such as going through tunnels. Use wired control when equipped with a long-distance setup such as a car mount, jib, Russian Arm, etc.

More Protection for Your Camera

The side holding bracket provides additional protection for your camera during high-speed driving and bumpy shooting conditions, while the power supply base plate provides constant powering for the gimbal.

Wireless Focus Control

The left NATO rail on the monitor bracket is compatible with the focus handle and Nucleus Nano hand wheel controller.

Supports Numerous Shooting Setups

Compatible with a car mount, dolly, cable cam, Russian Arm, and more.

Optional Monitor Bracket

Compatible with the separately available Hydra Alien Monitor Bracket to support gimbal remote control during car mount shoots.
יחידת שליטה אלחוטית/חוטית ברונין RS2
מקלט חוטי/אלחוטי
כבל לימו בין שלט למקלט
מתקון טלפון

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