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Tilta Armor Man 3.0 Gimbal Support System

ה-Armor Man 3.0 תוכנן להציע נוחות ותמיכה בזמן הפעלת הגימבל על ידי העברת משקל הגימבל לליבת גופך והורדת משקל משמעותי מזרועותיך. המוצר מאפשר להפעיל את הגימבל בנוחות, למשך תקופה ארוכה הרבה יותר וללא הקרבת הגמישות או ביצועים בזמן הצילום.
מק"ט POD-AR3

The Armor Man 3.0 was designed to offer comfort and support while operating your gimbal by transferring the weight of the gimbal to your body’s core, taking significant weight off your arms. This allows you to operate your gimbal comfortably, for a much longer period of time while not sacrificing flexibility or performance.

Two mechanical arms with shock-absorbing stabilized systems attach to the back of the adjustable vest or on top of the vest in high mode. When engaged, the arms have two adjustable tension knobs on each arm to allow you to adjust the tension in relation to the weight of your gimbal rig as well as your preferred operation style.

The arms attach to any top bar gimbal system or gimbal ring system with the provided mounts or support cups, which you attach by just sliding the attachment right into the arms. Paired with the Universal Gimbal Ring Adapters and Nucleus M, the Armor Man 3.0 can become a one man operating system.

When you’re done operating, simply disengage the arms by pulling the release cords for each arm (in regular mode) and then comfortably rest them on the sides of the vest with the attached arm receiver. This allows you to keep the vest on in-between shots and then when you’re ready to operate again, simply re-engage the arms and re-attach the gimbal.

Tilta Armor Man 3.0 Tutorial:


(2) Armor Man 3.0 Universal Gimbal Ring Adapters
(1) Armor Man 3.0 Right Arm
(1) Armor Man 3.0 Left Arm
(2) Armor Man 3.0 Overhead Configuration Cable Pulleys
(1) Armor Man 3.0 Overhead Configuration Attachment
(1 Pair) Armor Man 3.0 Waist Support
(1) Armor Man 3.0 Support Vest
(1) Armor Man 3.0 Support Vest Dock
Armor Man 3.0 Universal Gimbal Ring Adapter Clamps
Armor Man 3.0 Overhead Configuration Gimbal Ring Adapter Clam
Armor Man 3.0 Waterproof Safety Case

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