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Tilta Rear Operating Control Handle for DJI RS 2 Gimbal

ידית שליטה אחורית נוספת לרונין RS2 מבית TILTA שתאפשר לכם תנועות ייחודיות כגון low-mode וכדומה תוך שמירה על שליטה מלאה בגימבל ובמצלמה.
  • Add a Control Handle to DJI RS 2
  • Two-Handed Operation, High/Low Angles
  • Provides Gimbal & Camera Control
  • Powers Monitor via USB Type-C Output
  • Photo, Start/Stop, Follow Focus Control
  • Anti-Twist Thread, 2 x NATO Rails
  • Mounts Using Gimbal's NATO Rails
  • Focus Wheel & Joystick Control
  • Durable Aluminum Construction
מק"ט VA-TOC

Add a second handle to your DJI RS 2 gimbal that incorporates power output, gimbal movement, and camera control with this Rear Operating Control Handle from Tilta. The handle mounts onto the sides of the RS 2 gimbal using NATO clamps on a U-shaped arm, facilitating two-handed operation for high-angle or low-angle shots. It also features built-in gimbal and camera control with various buttons and controls compatible with the gimbal and your camera.

The handle draws power from the gimbal battery, and it features a USB Type-C power output to power an optional monitor that can be mounted onto the handle using its top shoe mount or side ARRI-style accessory mount for additional handles or rigs. There are numerous controls on the handle including a menu button, focus wheel, trigger button, sleep mode button, and joystick, allowing you to control a follow focus such as the Nucleus-M, Nucleus-Nano, or the DJI wireless focus motor.

The rear operating control handle basically takes the place of the gimbal controls. You can control menu settings, focus, iris, zoom, recording, and photo shutter right from the handle, making movement and control easier. There are also NATO rails on either side with electronic contacts on the handle for additional accessories, taking the place of the ones that are being used to mount the grip. The handle is made from durable aluminum and provides a secure, stable grip.


DJI RS 2 handheld gimbal stabilizer
DJI Wireless Follow Focus Motor
Tilta Nucleus-M Follow Focus Motor
Tilta Nucleus-Nano Follow Focus Motor
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