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Proaim Megagrip Suction Cup Camera Car Mount

מתקון רכב Megagrip Suction Cup של חברת Proaim, מאפשר למתקן את המצלמה עם רוב סוגי הרכבים בבטיחות ובנוחות שימוש. תומך בעד 15ק"ג ומהירות של עד 200 קמ"ש (לפי יצרן) השימוש במוצר הוא באחריות הלקוח בלבד.
  • Solid 3-Suction Cup Car Mount
  • 33 lb Stationary/Moving Load Capacity
  • 124 mph Maximum Speed
  • Versatile Mounting Platform
  • Joint Clamps with 360° Rotation
  • Suction Cup Dust Covers
  • Safety Straps, Hard Carry Case
מק"ט GRP-MGC

The Megagrip Suction Cup Camera Car Mount with Flight Case from Proaim allows you to mount your camera on the inside or outside of virtually any vehicle using strong suction cups. The assembly is made up of 16mm rods, heavy-duty rod clamps, three 6" suction cups, and a camera platform with multiple mounting threads for a variety of gimbals and fluid heads. It supports up to 33 lb in stationary or moving setups, and safety straps are included to ensure your camera is secure.

The suction cups provide a solid connection on any nonporous surface, such as the door or hood of a car. The joint clamps allow 360° rotation to let you set up the mount as needed for varying angles. Dust covers are also included to protect the suction cups from dirt and other elements when not in use. A flight case with custom-cut foam provides storage and transport for the entire assembly.

Key Features

Quick Setup

All the joints and connections can be adjusted by unfastening a few knobs, and the entire setup is completely tools free.

16mm Extendable Rods

The 16mm rods included with the Megagrip are extendable, which allows for multiple setup options and customization.

Solid Camera Platform

The camera platform of the Megagrip has a heavy-duty ball-leveling base with a rated load capacity of 33 lb. You can set the camera setup at any desired angle or break it down within seconds, saving precious time on set.

360° Rotating Clamps

The Megagrip is equipped with custom-designed clamps that allow 360° on pan and tilt axis, making it extremely easy to set up on any nonporous surface.

Solid Suction Cup Design

The Megagrip uses industrial-grade 6" suction cups that have a rated load capacity and are known to stay in place very securely. The suction cups included with the Megagrip do not damage that glossy finish on your car or any other surface they are mounted on.

Safety Accessories

The included silicone dust covers protect your suction cups when not in use. The included safety belts add another layer of protection for the precious camera setup mounted onto the Megagrip. The assembly comes snugly packed in a hard case with a custom foam insert, so you can safely store it away or even travel with it.

Durable Aluminum Design

Every part of the Megagrip has been made using the highest quality of aluminum alloys, polymers, and stainless steel to ensure a rock-solid system that stands the test of time.
מתקון רכב Proaim Megagrip
מתקון ראש מצלמה
3x כיסוי סיליקון
6x מוטות איזון
3x מוט 16 מ"מ - 12"
3x מוט 16 מ"מ - 18"
3x מחברים
2x חגורות סייפטי
4x שוורלי גומי
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