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מתקון מייצב BLACK ARM למתקון גריפ מאסיבי למצלמות גדולות. מומלץ להתקין את המצלמה על מייצב RONIN / MOVI ואז לחבר לבלק ארם על מנת להשיג צילום נסיעה יציב.
  • Hard-Mounts Gimbal to Vehicle
  • For Car, ATV, Boat, Snowmobile, and More
  • Three-Axis Stabilization
  • Dual-Spring Arm
  • Three Adjustable Hydraulic Dampers
  • 22-Step Damping Knob
  • 15 - 22 lb Anti-Vibration Mount
  • 15-22 lb Load Capacity
  • Clamps onto 48-52mm Speed Rail
  • Pro Flight Case
מק"ט GRP-BLK

The Black arm is a 3-axis dampening system with a additional vibration mount for stabilizing roll and tilt errors as well as vertical motion and vibrations. The Black arm is a hardmount system, made for gimbals, that you want to mount on vehicles such as cars, ATVs, boats, snowmobiles etc.

Capture super-stabilized gimbal shots from your car, ATV, boat, snowmobile, or other vehicle with the Black Arm Standard from FLOWCINE. Purely mechanical, this three-axis dampening and vibration-reduction system hard-mounts your gimbal-and-camera setup to your vehicle, stabilizing roll and tilt as well as vertical motion and vibration. The Black Arm's design incorporates a dual-spring arm with adjustable hydraulic dampers, and a platform that levels the separately available gimbal. In addition, between the arm and the mounted gimbal there is an anti-vibration mount capable of handling loads between 15 and 22 lb. Mounting the Black Arm is as simple as clamping it onto a standard 48-52mm speed rail.

The damping action of all three axes—vertical, tilt, and roll— is brought about by fully adjustable actuator hydraulic dampers. A 22-step knob enables you to precisely dial in the amount of damping you need for your shot. The Black Arm Standard ships with one damper for each of the three axes. Also included is an extra-sturdy wheeled all-black pro case with powder-coated metal corners, butterfly catches, and heavy duty-recessed handles.


Each Black arm ships with one anti-vibration mount (AVM). The main purpose of the AVM is to reduce high frequency vibrations, such as noise from a cars engine. In order to maximise the efficiency of the AVM, you should use the version that matches your load and conditions.
There are two types of AVMs, the original Wire AVM and the new Tranquilizer.
The Wire AVMs comes in five different weight ranges, and is very easy to use. You just put the correct one on and go.
The Tranquilizer has many adjustments to fine tune it's performance, and may give better results if you have the time and skills to configure it properly.
Pick the one that matches the total weight of everything (gimbal, camera and accessories) you will hang on to the Black arm.

Black Arm - 2 parts
Extension block
Spring 4-7
Spring 4-7.5
Shock Absorber Roll
Tilt Shock Absorber
Vertical Shock Absorber
Bottom & Top Stopper + Fitting
Universal Rack
Stub Mount
Mitchal Mount adapter for trenquilizer
Ronin / Movi Adapter plate
Black Arm Passive Plate Weight

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