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Androokie LED Bulb Magnet Kit

סט מתקון מגנט LED Bulb Magnet Kit של חברת Androokie, מאפשר בעזרת מגנטים ופלטות מיוחדות למתקן נורות E27 בכל מקום שתרצו.
מק"ט GRP-ABM

Introduce a new level of convenience and aesthetic appeal to your Astera NyxBulbs with the Androokie LED Bulb Magnet Kit in White. This comprehensive kit is designed for the quick and stylish rigging of up to four NyxBulbs.

The kit includes four black LED bulb extension arms with a 180° swivel and a 3/8" female thread, combined with white lamp sockets, making it flexible and easy to position your bulbs. Also included are four 88mm magnets with a 3/8"-16 male thread for sturdy mounting, eight black and eight white large adhesive plates, and a plate scraper tool. All components are conveniently packed in a robust, plastic molded case measuring 19"x15"x8".

This kit with white lamp sockets is perfect for settings where a minimalistic yet beautiful aesthetic is desired. The fast and simple magnetized setup allows for a myriad of creative lighting possibilities. Transform your lighting design with this all-in-one, easy-to-use magnet kit featuring white lamp sockets for your Astera NyxBulbs.

(4) 88mm Magnet with 3/8-16 Male Thread
(4) 5" Aluminum Ext with 180 Swivel end and E26 or E27 Bulb Socket
(16) Large Black Sticky Plates
(1) Sticky Plate Tool Scraper

4 מגנטים 88 מ"מ עם חיבור 3/6 זכר
4 הארכות 5" עם סויבל 180 מעלות והברגת E27
פלטות דבק מגנט
כלי הסרת פלטות דבק

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