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SONY J-30SDI Compact Betacam Series Player

ה- J-30SDI הוא נגן קלטות וידאו אשר מתאים לכל סדרת ה-Betacam, ה-J30 מתאים לשתי שיטות השידור PAL ו- NTSC. למרות השימוש ב-J30 בקלטות אנאלוג המכשיר יודע לייצא אותן בדיגיטל על ידי יציאת FireWire או יציאת SDI ובכך מחבר בין עולם האנאלוג לדיגיטל. בנוסף לזה ישנה אפשרות להעביר גם TimeCode וסאונד (4CH). קלטות מתאימות:
  • Digital Betacam
  • Betacam SX
  • Betacam/Betacam SP
מק"ט VTR-DIG

The J-30SDI is a video tape player only for the entire range of Betacam-derived ½-inch formats. Those formats include Betacam, Beta SP, Beta SX, MPEG/IMX and Digital Betacam.
The players work with both NTSC and PAL recorded elements. To fit into modern edit suites and production facilities, the unit outputs iLink which is Sony's version of FireWire, along with uncompressed SDI video for the highest quality standard definition video available.

Digital Video Outputs Even From Analog Source Material
Just because the production world has almost completely gone digital (film productions does still exist) doesn't mean that analog source video is obsolete. The J-30SDI takes Beta Oxide and SP analog recordings and outputs them via either FireWire or SDI, depending on what your NLE system can accept. The remaining Beta formats remain digital at all times.
The machine also outputs time-code signals independently for the analog formats.
Audio Output
The J-30SDI can access all 4 channels of audio native to the 1/2-inch Beta family of professional formats. The user may select any 2 at one time, channel 1 or 2, and channel 3 or 4. These selections control the headphone output also.



Audio- RCA (x 2 output)
Audio- XLR (x 2 output)
Composite Video- BNC (x 1 output)
Composite Video- RCA (x 1 output)
FireWire- 6-Pin (x 1 output)
Headphones- 1/4-Inch Stereo (x 1 output)
RS-232C- 9-Pin (x 1)
RS-422A- 9-Pin (x 1)
S-Video- 4-Pin (x 1 output)
SDI Video- BNC (x 2 output)
Sync- BNC (x 1 input)
Time Code- BNC (x 1 output)




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