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LECTROSONICS HMa UHF Plug-On Wireless Transmitter

משדר קובייה אלחוטי איכותי מתוצרת לקטרוסוניקס התומך בבלוקים 24-26 אשר ניתנים לשינוי בהגדרות הקובייה. מיועד בעיקר לחיבור למיקרופון דינאמי וחיבור קונדנסר במתן מתח של 48V.
  • For Broadcast, EFP and ENG Applications
  • Accepts Mic or Line-Level Signals
  • Up to 3072 Selectable Frequencies
  • Low Frequency Roll-Off
  • Powered by Two AA Batteries
  • USB port for Firmware Updates
  • IR (Infrared) Port for Fast Setup
  • Solid Machined Aluminum Housing
  • Built-In Antenna
מק"ט WIR-246

The HMa from Lectrosonics is a UHF plug-on transmitter that accepts mic or line-level signals via a standard XLR connector. It has selectable 5, 15, & 48V phantom power and can be used when paired with a Lectrosonics receiver and handheld microphone – sold separately – in applications for ENG (Electronic News Gathering), EFP (Electronic Field Productions), interviews for broadcast TV, and more.

The input amplifier of the HMa transmitter uses an ultra-low noise op-amp for quiet operation and is gain controlled with a wide range dual envelope limiter. A 24-bit A to D converter digitizes the audio, and filters the supersonic noise above 21 kHz. The resulting signal is encoded with a proprietary algorithm to produce an analog data signal for RF transmission.

Finally, the transmitter is powered by two AA batteries, with status indicated by a multi-color LED. A USB port is also provided for firmware updates, and an IR (infrared) port is included to simplify setup with IR enabled receivers.

  • Digital Hybrid Wireless is a revolutionary design that combines digital audio with an analog FM radio link to provide outstanding audio quality and the exemplary RF performance of the finest analog wireless systems
  • Multi-color LED status indicator
  • Selectable 50/100 mW output power
  • The antenna is formed between the machined aluminum housing of the transmitter and the attached microphone or cable. It functions as a dipole radiator when attached to a hand-held microphone and somewhat like a ground plane antenna when connected with a cable or plugged directly into a mixer
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