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LECTROSONICS 411 Wireless Mic system Series

סט מיקרופון דש אלחוטי של חברת לקטרוסוניקס. מערכות מיקרופון אלחוטי מסדרה 400 נחשבות לאיכותיות ביותר בשוק.
  • Selectable Frequencies
  • Built-In RF Analyzer
  • Available Blocks: 21, 25 ,26, 27
מק"ט WIR-R

Lectrosonics UCR411a + UM400 Wireless Microphone Kit.

The Lectrosonics 400-Series wireless microphone systems represent the top-end of wireless microphone systems. The systems combines digital hybrid technology, diversity reception and rugged components to achieve pristine audio signals at long range.

This kit includes the UCR411a receiver, UM400 belt pack transmitter and a Lectrosonics lapel microphone.

The Lectrosonics UCR411a is a portable, camera mountable receiver designed for professional audio applications in the field or indoors. The receiver is completely compatible with all 400 series wireless transmitters and provides 256 selectable UHF frequencies across a 25.6MHz tuning range. Smart Diversity reception reduces RF interference and dropout and a built-in RF spectrum analyser searches across the entire 25.6MHz tuning range, locating the strongest possible frequencies in the area. The clear frequencies are marked and displayed on the backlit LCD. Balanced XLR output provides maximum output gain with minimal noise and the receiver is powered with two internal 9V batteries or external DC power supply.

The Lectrosonics UM400 is a UHF belt pack transmitter for use with the UCR411 receiver. The transmitter features 256 user selectable UHF frequencies and digital hybrid signal transmission for optimum range while minimising noise. Incoming audio signal is digitised at 24-bit resolution, eliminating noise and artifacts. The result is greater range with minimal noise. A TA5-male input is compatible with any microphone or cable featuring a TA5 connection. The input level is variable, allowing use with low impedance microphones, electret lavalier mic’s with positive or negative bias and line level devices. The receiver features a comprehensive LCD and low cut filter. A full 100mW output power is achieved on a single 9V battery.

מקלט Lectrosonics UCR411a
משדר Lectrosonics UM400
מיקרופון קפסולה Lectrosonics
כבל XLR
אנטנות למשדר ומקלט

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