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Tilta Hermit POV Camera Support Helmet (M, V-Mount)

ה- HERMIT מבית TILTA היא קסדת POV המאושרת לנסיעה על כלי רכב, שתאפשר מתקון מצלמה מקצועית וצילום באפשרויות קדמיות, אחוריות וצדדיות, וכוללת קוויקסט לשחרור מהיר, מתקון סוללה V-Mount, זרועות הארכת, תושבות אביזרים ומשקולות.
  • Head Circumference Range: 22-22.8"
  • 5 x POV Camera Positions, Quick Release
  • Rosette Mounting Arms, 15mm Rod System
  • Battery Plate & Counterweight Balancing
  • Front & Top Basic/Advanced, Side Mounts
  • 1/4"-20, 3/8"-16 & Shoe Accessory Mounts
  • Lightweight Carbon Fiber Helmet
  • 4 & 8" 15mm Rod Pairs
  • Hard Carrying Case, Tools

מק"ט VA-TRA

Get just the point of view you want for your videos with the medium Hermit POV Camera Support Helmet from Tilta. This versatile, carbon-fiber helmet provides five separate camera position choices including front, back, and side options, and includes a quick release plate, a V-Mount battery plate, rosette extension arms, accessory mounts, and counterweights for optimal positioning and balancing.


Tilta recommends using additional neck support when using heavier camera systems. Maximum camera rig weight of 15 to 20 lb is recommended.

Advanced Camera Helmet

  • For mirrorless, DSLR, and select video cameras
  • Front basic and advanced mounting
  • Top basic and advanced mounting
  • Side-, front-, and back-facing options

Size Range

Fits medium head circumferences of 22-22.8"

Carbon Fiber Construction

  • Padded carbon fiber helmet is both lightweight and sturdy
  • Scratch-resistant design

Battery Plate

A V-Mount battery plate both provides a compact power option and helps to balance your camera


A total of five counterweights ranging from 8.8 ounces to 2.2 pounds each enable you to balance your camera on the helmet

15mm LWS Rod System

Includes 15mm rod brackets and two sets of rods for quick rod-based camera and accessory mounting

Rosette Extension Arms

ARRI-style rosette extension arms enable you to precisely position your camera

Quick Release

A quick release plate lets you easily mount and remove your camera
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