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CHROSZIEL Follow Focus One Side

פולו פוקוס למצלמות DSLR ווידאו מבית Chrosziel, בעל רמת דיוק גבוהה ומשקל קל.
  • מתאים לעבודה עם בארים 15מ'מ
  • גלגל השיניים יכול להתחבר משני הצדדים
מק"ט VA-221

The Chrosziel follow focus device for most of the cameras, light and fits on the 15mm Lightweight Supports. A single lock for rod and extension clamp makes changing of lenses quick. Hand wheel with fine-structured surface for save grip. The scale is easy to change and the reference marking is adjustable for the operator or the assistant. Gear drives and gear rings for the different lenses ensure precise adjustments and can be mounted without tool on both sides of the gear unit. By loosening the nut, the reverse gears also mounts on the other side.

  • Mounts onto 15mm support rods
  • Positionable indicator
  • Marking scale
  • Focus gear drive can be mounted on either side of follow focus
  • Fits most lenses with proper focus gear drive
  • Fits most cameras with proper focus gear drive and gear ring
  • Weight: 4.3 oz [122 g]
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