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EASYRIG EasyTilt Gimbal Tilt Control Kit

מוט EasyTilt של Easyrig נותן אפשרות תנועת Tilt חלקה וקלה בשימוש עם מוצרי יצוב של Easyrig או Readyrig.

  • 26.8" Crossbar for EasyRig Top Bar
  • Allows You to Easily Tilt a Camera Rig
  • Tilts up to 90° Downwards
  • Features Ropes, Spindles & Ball Mount
  • Also Works with Standard Camera Hook
  • Quick Release Design
מק"ט VA-ETR

Add a crossbar to the top of your Easyrig stabilization system for easy, steady tilting gimbal shots with this EasyTilt Gimbal Tilt Control Kit from Easyrig. The kit includes a crossbar, ropes, spindle, and a quick release ball mount.

The crossbar measures 26.8" in length, approximately the width of your shoulders/gimbal rig, and it mounts onto either a standard Easyrig camera hook or the EA033Q quick release mount on the top bar. It then features ropes and spindles to mount the mount onto a gimbal camera rig with a 30mm diameter outer ring, such as the DJI Ronin 2. The crossbar allows you to tilt the entire rig down 90° on either side with smooth, even movement.


Easyrig stabilization systems with overhead bar
Easyrig EA033Q quick release
Easyrig Standard camera hook
Gimbal rigs with a 30mm diameter outer ring such as DJI Ronin 2
מוט EasyTilt
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