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Tilta Dual-Handle Power Supply Bracket for RS 2

ה -Dual-Handle Power Supply Bracket for RS 2(ARG) מבית TILTA התושבת מונעת עייפות, מספקת יציבות, ואפשרות להוסיף מקורות כוח , התושבת מספקת בסיס רחב לפעולה ב2 ידיים
  • Increased Stability and Powering Options
  • Multiple Mounting Options
  • Side Bracket Provides Extra Support
מק"ט POD-TGA

Use two hands to support your Ronin RS 2 gimbal to avoid fatigue, provide more stability, and add optional power sources with the Tilta Dual-Handle Power Supply Bracket for RS 2. The bracket provides a wide base for two-handed operation, or for extending your reach while your gimbal manages the stabilization. The bracket features a power connection on one side that accepts your gimbal's battery, and in the middle a power connector that you slide your gimbal onto, thus allowing you to power and control your gimbal using its original battery. An included grip mounts on the other side, providing secure two-handed control.

Multiple 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 accessory mounting holes (some with ARRI-compatible ant-twist divots), as well as NATO rails and cold shoes, allow you to attach a variety of accessories such as articulating arms, lights, or monitors as your shot requires. An optional power supply module can also be mounted on the bracket, allowing you to attach either a V-mount or Gold mount plate (not included) to provide extended running time to your gimbal.

  • Dual-handed support helps you avoid fatigue
  • Two-handed operation allows you additional shot possibilities
  • The bracket provides options for gimbal battery and external V-mount or Gold mount battery
  • Allows for continuous shooting and more productivity without having to change the gimbal's battery

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