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KINO FLO Diva-Lite 401

דיווה לייט 4 נורות - טנגסטן / דיילייט
  • Diva-Lite 401 Fixture
  • Kit Supports 4x 21" 55W CFL Lamps
  • Energy Efficient and Long Lamp Life
  • Built-In and Remote Dimming: 100-5%
  • Lamps at Full Color Temperature in 3 Min
  • Maximizes Light and Minimizes Heat
  • Full-Stop Flozier for Diffusion
  • Medium-Duty Stand and Offset Mount
  • Lamp and Travel Cases Included
מק"ט LHT-25

The 230VAC Kino Flo Diva-Lite 401 contains a Diva-Lite 401 fixture, slip-on Flozier diffuser, a lamp case, and a clamshell-style travel case. This equipment, plus fluorescent lamps (sold separately), will get you started with a very efficient and versatile lighting setup that is ideally suited to location shooting and other instances where quick setup and break-down times are highly coveted.

The Diva-Lite 401 is designed to provide broad, smooth lighting with a built-in dimming ballast, barn doors and center mount. Dimming control from 100-5% is available via an onboard knob, or remote dimming control is also possible with the optional DIM-5 Remote Dimmer. Additionally, a lamp select switch enables you to choose between four- or two-lamp operation for a reduction in illumination without any color shift. For more light control options, the included Flozier allows you to soften or spread the light out in various ways. It slips over the front of the fixture, providing a large area of white diffusion. This energy-efficient fixture enables the lamps to reach full color temperature within three minutes, requires no cool-down time, and helps to minimize heat generated by the fixture through the incorporation of vented reflector and well-spaced lamp design.

  • Diva-Lite 401 Fixture (230VAC)

    The Kino Flo Diva-Lite 401 Fixture (230VAC) is a compact, lightweight fluorescent fixture that delivers broad, soft and diffused lighting quickly, easily and efficiently. The fixture is center mounted and includes a reflector and built-in barndoors. It holds four 55W fluorescent bulbs–daylight- or tungsten-balanced–that can be quickly switched (no need to wait for them to cool down, they're always cool). Included in the kit are a gel frame, a silver louver, and a 16mm Kino 41 lollipop w/baby receiver. Supplied for use with 230VAC. Fluorescent bulbs are not included.

    Fixture includes center mount, gel frame, louver and built-in barndoors
    2-Lamp/4-Lamp switching
    On location, lamps get to full color temperature in three minutes
    When finished, turn off power and pack–no need for cool-down period
    The lamps can stay in the fixture for quick transport
    All-in-one design with built-in dimming ballast
    Remote dimmer capability
    Low amperage draw–can plug in to any household outlet
    Slim profile ideal for shooting in small offices, hallways, or cramped quarters
    Full spectrum (CRI 95) lamps available in 3 color temperatures: 2900K, 3200K and 5500K
    High color rendering True Match lamps work well alongside conventional quartz lights or HMI's
    Kino Flo 55W compact lamps also available in 550nm green and 420nm blue for green and blue screen
    Color gels do not burn out or fade, due to lower heat of fixture
    Center mount for horizontal and vertical axis rotation
    Honeycomb louvers (sold separately) 90°, 60°, and 45° give precise light control
  • 4Bank Full Flozier – 2'

    From Kino Flo – 4Bank Full Flozier a 2' Full-stop diffusion fabric that fits over the front of the fixture.

  • Off-Set Adapter

    Kino "Twist-On" Mount with Baby (5/8") receiver.

  • STD-M30 Light Stand (8')

    The black, 8' Kino Flo STD-M30 Medium Duty Stand has a 20 lb load capacity and folds down to 35.5".

  • Four Lamp Carry Case

    The Kino Flo Four Lamp Carry Case for 55 Watt Compact Tubes cradles your fluorescent tubes in a hard case with secure closures.

  • KAS-D4-CS Diva-Lite 401 Travel Case

    The KAS-D4-CS Diva-Lite 401 Travel Case from Kino Flo is a high-density, molded polyethylene clamshell case made to carry a Kino-Flo Diva-Lite 401 fixture, louver, gel frame, barn doors, center mount, flozier and lamp case. It has a folding carry handle. This case is most useful when you are traveling locally via car or truck.

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