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מיקסר שטח / ריקורדר 8 ערוצים (יש אפשרות להרחבה ל 16 ערוצים עם CL-8). ללא ספק המיקסר הפופולרי ביותר בשוק היום, ה 788 הוא מיקסר / ריקורדר מקצועי, קל משקל ונוח מאוד לעבודה, עם Time Code Generator פנימי ואפשרות להקלטה כפולה על כרטיסי CF ו SSD פנימי במקביל.
  • 8 Recording Tracks
  • Option for CL-8 (8 more channel
  • Internal 256GB Solid-State Drive
  • CompactFlash Slot
  • Time Code Generator
  • FireWire 400/800 and USB 2.0
מק"ט MIX-788T

Sound Devices 788T-SSD 8-Channel Portable Solid-State Audio Recorder.

The Sound Devices 788T-SSD Portable Digital Recorder builds on the success of the Sound Devices 7-series digital recorders. The 788T-SSD is a lightweight and compact professional recorder that features 8 digital recording tracks. An internal 256GB SSD, CompactFlash media with UDMA support, external FireWire hard drive or DVD-RAM (with bus powering) all serve as compatible recordable media. Any or all of these options may be used to record audio simultaneously and the 788T-SSD serves as a mass storage device when connected to high-speed USB or FireWire ports on Windows and Mac OS X computers.

The 8 microphone and line-level inputs are provided as 4 XLR and 4 TA3-male connections. The 788T-SSD has 8 channels of balanced AES3 digital input and 6 channels of balanced AES3 output for simple integration with compatible AES3 digital cameras and mixers. All of the 7-series feature still apply; including 48V phantom, limiter, polarity reverse, high-pass, selectable delay and headphone monitoring on each input.

Compact and Durable

8-track portable SSD/CompactFlash audio recorder with 256GB internal SSD and full time code implementation
Compact aluminum and stainless-steel chassis for exceptional durability and light weight, resistant to environmental extremes

Comprehensive Professional Connectivity

8 channels of improved microphone and line inputs with phantom power, limiting, and high-pass filters
3-channel, balanced mic/line level outputs on TA3 connectors
Multi-pin AES3 I/O for complete compatibility with supported digital cameras, mixers, etc
High speed FireWire and USB ports for high-speed data transfer to computers for editing and backup

High-Resolution Recording and Synchronization

24-bit or 16-bit with or without dither, 32kHz – 96kHz sampling rates
Input-to-track assignment with 256 possible routing combinations
WAV or BWF format, mono or poly files, uncompressed PCM audio
MP3 encode and decode, 32 to 320kbps stereo files
Stable, reliable Ambient time code circuitry, tunable to <0.2 PPM accuracy with all relevant TC rates and full Word Clock I/O

Flexible Metering and Powering

Programmable backlit, sunlight-viewable LED level metering; selectable, menu-driven metering ballistics
Large backlit, adjustable LCD display; fully dedicated status and activity LED indicators, backlit controls
Removable Lithium-ion rechargeable battery, compatible with Sony M- and L-mount batteries
10-18VDC external input powers and charges on-board battery, 100-240V worldwide power supply
צמת מתח למיקסר ואלחוטי
כבל TimeCode XLR
כבל TimeCode BNC
כבל XLR למיני XLR
כבל XLR
כבל BNC
תיק למיקסר 788
ספק כוח
סוללות + מטען
כבלים נוספים על פי דרישה
CL-8 (לפי בקשה)

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