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ARRI Vertical Format Set for ALEXA Mini

סט מתקון לצילום אנכי עם מצלמת Arri Alexa Mini.

  • Shoot Portrait with ALEXA Mini on its Side
  • Includes Vertical adapter for ALEXA Mini
  • Vertical Viewfinder Adapter
  • Works with Bridge Plate Adapters
  • Works with Shoulder Pads, Stabilizers
מק"ט VA-VMIN

ARRI Vertical Format set for ALEXA Mini

The Vertical format Adapter set is an essential accessory for using the ALEXA Mini in a vertical orientation. This set allows the camera's sensor to be positioned vertically, making it ideal for capturing portrait shots. It is a necessary tool for photographers and filmmakers who want to explore new creative possibilities with their ALEXA Mini.

In addition to its compatibility with the ALEXA Mini, the Vertical format Adapter set is also designed to work seamlessly with existing ARRI camera accessories. This includes popular accessories such as the Compact Bridge Plates CBP1 and CBP-2, making it easy for users to incorporate the adapter into their current setup without any hassle. With this set, users can confidently capture stunning vertical shots without compromising on the quality or functionality of their ALEXA Mini.


ARRI ALEXA Mini cinema camera
ARRI Compact Bridge Plates
ARRI Bridge Plate Adapters
ARRI Shoulder Pads
ARRI Stabilizer Adapter Mounts

The ARRI Vertical Viewfinder Adapter enables you to accurately frame vertical footage when using an ARRI ALEXA Mini to emulate "portrait" mode capture.

Combine this vertical adapter with an MVB-1 viewfinder bracket to mount your ALEXA Mini MVF-1 viewfinder 90° from its standard position.


  • Enables accurate framing of vertical footage
  • For the ALEXA Mini with an MVF-1 EVF and MVB-1 bracket
  • Mounts MVF-1 90° from its standard position

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