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CHIMERA Softbox – Large

צ'ימרה סופט בוקס - L. מתאימה למגוון פנסים רחב כגון: קוורץ 2000, בייבי 2K, בייבי 5 K, פאר 1.8, פאר 800, פאר 1.2, פאר 2.5 וכו'.
  • 54x72" (35x180cm)
מק"ט LA-CHL

The Large Daylight Plus 1 is designed for use with large Fresnel lights. It is rated up to 12,000 Watts and diameters from 9" to 21.5 inches. It may also be used with a strobe light, but this is not economical in the long run, since adapter rods would be required for the attachment of a strobe ring; this box has shorter rods.

The extra depth of the Daylight allows the Fresnel beam to spread out and cover the front face more evenly. This extra depth, combined with a fabric that is more heat resistant, makes the box safe when used with a 10K light.

The "Plus 1" designation means the face of the box is removable. Chimera makes different strengths of diffusion material for front face applications. This softbox comes with a one stop diffusion cloth. Additional 1/2 and 1/4 grid cloths are available separately. Substituting a half or quarter diffusion, or taking out the interior baffle will result in more contrast, slightly more light transmission, and less softening of the light.

Recessed face makes the soft source more directional, and enables addition of a honeycomb grid, soft fabric grid or louvers.
Use this box for the softest light possible.
צ'ימרה L

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