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DOPchoice SNAPBAG® Round NYX Bulb

NYX Bulb Round SnapBag מבית DoPChoice נותן לך שליטה נוספת על פנסי NYX של Astera.
  • Designed for NYX Bulb
  • Increases Illumination
  • Quarter Grid Cloth Front Screen
  • Easily Installs around the Bulb
  • Silver Interior
  • Carry Bag
מק"ט LA-DON

DoPchoice introduces four new SNAPBAGS® especially created for single and triple Helios and Titan tubes from Astera. Made to give filmmakers maximum control of their lighting, the benefits of these premiere, groundbreaking softboxes include, intensified output, adjustable beam spread, simplified pack-up, and the easy track mounting system— together the SNAPBAG® and tube are extremely lightweight.

Snapbag SBATNYXR is made to mount exclusively to NYX LED Bulbs. It comes in its own compact black carry bag and snaps up instantly in a one-piece accessory measuring 17 x 17 x 11 cm/6.7 x 6.7 x 4.3 in. Weighing merely .06 kg/0.1-lb., it rolls on in seconds and attaches via hook and loop.

Installed, the Snapbag’s metallic interior brightens and evens out the illumination. An included removable quarter grid cloth front diffusion screen is ready to further soften output as needed. When the job is over, it can rollup back into its bag even with the NYX Bulb in place.