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That Cat Silent Cat 6000 6-feet Camera Slider

ה- TCSC 6000 הוא סליידר באורך 6 פיט (1.8 מטר) מבית That Cat המייצרים את הסליידרים הקולנועים השקטים בעולם. זהו סליידר לעבודה חלקה מקסימאלית במשקלים כבדים, מתכוונן עם אופציה לראש מיטשל או בול 150/100 מ"מ.
  • Dimensions 69x10
  • 100MM/150MM/Mitchell MOUNTS
מק"ט GRP-SC6

The Silent Cat™ 6000 Camera Slider is 70” long and allows a 58” travel.  When space isn’t a concern the Silent Cat™6000 offers 61” of travel before you need to lay a piece of track.  It is especially useful for camera movement in the hard to get to location i.e. attics, stairs, woods, the beach, etc.  You can reposition the camera and track out of doorways and corners with ease.

The Silent Cat™6000 offers many more options to mount to a Standard Mitchell Mount. There are 13 mounting positions to choose from when mounting to a camera dolly or any Standard Mitchell Mount*. Use the custom counter weight tray whenever you cantilever the Silent Cat™ 6000 **.  Switching from top mounted to under slung is fast and requires no tools. The Silent Cat™ 6000 is the only camera sliders that can under sling directly off of the camera dolly.  This allows the camera lens to be as low as possible to the scene.

*All camera sliders allow the camera to slide into a position where there is an imbalance of weight.  The mounting positions available on Silent Cat™ 6000 Camera Sliders may increase an imbalance of weight.  The user of the Silent Cat™ 6000 Camera Slider is responsible for safety and judgment as to prevent the camera and what it is mounted to from tipping over. **Do not cantilever the Silent Cat™ 6000 unless you support the opposite end of the Mitchell Mount with a stand to help support the weight.  Use the selection of custom hardware to help facilitate this. The maximum recommended cantilever without this support is 48” Mitchell to Mitchell.


Silent Cat Camera Sliders

Slider Specs

  • Dimensions 69” x 10”

  • Track Length   67”

  • Travel  57”

  • Weight  47 lbs


AWARD WINNING: The 2017 SOC Lifetime Technical Achievement Award Winning Patented SILENT CAT™ CAMERA SLIDERS are the quietest, smoothest and most versatile camera sliders. With a payload capacity of 160 lbs., they also provide the same smooth and quiet ride for smaller camera platforms that weigh as little as 12 lbs.


QUIET: Our custom designed wheel bearing and track system provides the quietest ride for sound recording in any circumstance. We design and manufacture every component of the wheel assemblies and we designed and own the die of the track extrusion.

Tom Hollman, IATSE Local 52 Sound Mixer “The other sliders say they’re quiet, The SILENT CAT™  is!”


RESISTANCE: THE SILENT CAT™ CAMERA SLIDER is the only camera slider with variable resistance to allow the operator to set resistance on the slider as he would set the resistance of the tilt and pan on a fluid camera head.


OVER/UNDER MOUNT: Featuring a standard Motion Picture Industry Mitchell Mount, the SILENT CAT OVER/UNDER MITCHELL MOUNT TROLLEY is the most advanced and unique mounting system of this genre. It has an exclusive patented design that enables the user to switch from a top mounted camera position to an under slung camera position requiring no tools.


STRUCTURE: The Patented Lightweight Perimeter Tubular Structure Design provides excellent structural properties. This design has a unique mounting pattern to allow our proprietary 360 Degree Pan Mechanism to be mounted anywhere on the perimeter structure. The SILENT CAT™  CAMERA SLIDER can be canter levered, center mounted, and mounted virtually any position over the length of the SILENT CAT™. By removing the 360 Degree Pan mechanism, the Silent Cat Slider can sit flat on the floor or any flat surface.


SOFT STOP: Our magnetic assisted dampeners produce a soft stop when the trolley approaches either end of the slider. The soft stop dampeners can be used in conjunction with the start/stop blocks integral to the slider to allow repeatable moves with the trolley.


BRAKES: The Silent Cat Camera Sliders have easily accessible trolley and pan brakes that are solid.


RIGGING: With 20-3/8”x16 standard threaded taps on each end of the slider, the Silent Cat Slider is the easiest slider to rig when a unique camera position is needed.


100MM/150MM MOUNTS: That Cat-Silent Cat manufactures Mitchell to 100 MM Ball Adaptors as well as a 150 MM Ball Mount to allow the operator to use the full spectrum of camera heads available to them.


CAT PAWS: Similar to a hood mount, this optional accessory provides an adjustable four leg base to use the slider from ground level to 24”.


RIBS: The Rigging Intermediate BlockS provide additional rigging points anywhere on the slider when needed. In addition to the End Block Rigging points, the Silent Cat Sliders have unlimited rigging possibilities.


MADE IN THE USA: That Cat-Silent Cat designs and manufactures nearly every part and component of their award- winning sliders. We design and manufacture our wheel bearing assemblies and we own the die to our exclusive track design. This ensures our ability to stand by the quality and customer support of our products.


TCSC Counterweight Tray

The Silent Cat™ Counter Weight Tray accessory easily installs into the Carry Handle of the End Block. It provides a base for counter weight, whenever you locate the Pan Mounting Plate on the end of the slider to create a cantilever.

TCSC Set of 4 RIBS

The Rigging Intermediate Accessory Blocks (RIBS) can be clamped anywhere along the length of the slider and provides three 3/8” x 16 Standard Female Threads for rigging the Slider.
Ribs Set of FourRib Step 3 Secure

Mitchell Mount

The Mitchell Mount is standard to every Silent Cat Camera Slider. It contains two keys (.378 and .394) to accommodate the different key way options that the industry produces.
Mitchell Mount

TCSC 150 mm Ball Mount

The Silent Cat™ Sliders have an optional 150mm Ball Mount.

TCSC 100 mm Ball Adapter

The Silent Cat™ Sliders have an optional 100mm Ball Mount.
Camera Slider
TCSC 6000 סליידר
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