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סוללה S-8D58 של סוויט. למצלמות DVX200 של פנסוניק.
מק"ט DC-VX2

SWIT S-8D58 DV Battery for Panasonic DVX200, AJ-PX295, etc. Handheld Cameras

The S-8D58 DV Battery from SWIT is a replacement battery for Panasonic's VW-VBD58 battery. It is compatible with Panasonic's P2 HD camcorders like AJ-PX270, AJ-PX285, and AJ-PX298. S-8D58 features a 5.5/2.1mm pole-tap DC output socket for 7.2 VDC (nominal) connection. Using this socket, you can connect an on-camera LED light, monitor, or wireless transmitter and get power from the camera. It also features a 5V/1A USB socket which can be used charging devices like a cell phone.

S-8D58 can be charged using Panasonic's original DE-A88 charger. It can also be charged using SWIT's S-3602D charger. Using these, it takes around 4 hours to completely charge the battery. S-8D58 can also be charged using SWIT's S-3010D portable pole-tap charger, though it will take 7 hours to reach a full charge.

Li-ion battery of 7.2V nominal
For use with Panasonic AJ-PX270 / 285 / 298
Replacement for Panasonic VW-VBD58
Can be charged by Panasonic DE-A88 or SWIT S-3602D
43Wh / 6000mAh capacity
4-level LED power indicator
7.2V pole-tap DC output
5V/1A USB charging output
Multiple circuit protections
סוללה S-8D58

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