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SONY Rialto Camera Extension System for Sony Venice

ה- Sony Rialto מאפשר להפריד ע"י כבל בודד, בין החלק הקדמי של המצלמה שבו החיישן, לגוף המצלמה בכעד 5.5 מטר. בכך ה- Rialto מעניק הקלה משמעותית במשקל המצלמה ובגמישות צורות צילום שונות כמו צילום בגימבל, רכב ועוד. מערכת ה-Rialto שומרת על כל איכויות המצלמה ומגיעה בנוסף עם יציאת HD-SDI ויציאת RS של 12V / 24V המתאים לחיבור אביזרים נלווים, כמו מוניטור.
  • Mounts onto Front of VENICE
  • Enables Extending Sensor up to 5.5m Away
  • Maintains Full Camera Functions
מק"ט VA-RCEV

The Sony Rialto Camera Extension System enables you to remove the sensor block and extend it up to 5.5 m away from the camera body with no loss of image quality. This allows you to acquire images remotely with the same 6K image quality and functionality the VENICE is known for.


Not only does the Rialto maintain all the VENICE's functions, it also adds an SDI monitor output and power output at the sensor end of the extension. The 12/24 VDC output enables powering accessories, and the monitor output is useful for an on-camera monitor when hand-holding the sensor block case. The sensor block case also features mounting holes on all top, bottom, and both sides as well as the back, for mounting onto camera supports or handheld rigs. The Rialto works with any VENICE camera body provided the camera has the version 3.0 firmware installed.

Maintains Quality & Features

There is no degradation in image quality when using the Rialto whether shooting with the standard 9' separation or using the extension cable for a maximum 5.5 m of separation.
The Rialto does not compromise any of the camera's features as it preserves the use of all the advanced features the VENICE offers, such as its built-in 8-step glass ND filter system and Dual Base ISO.

In addition, the Rialto adds an HD-SDI output as well as either 12 or 24 VDC output for powering accessories such as lens servo motors and monitors.

Enhanced Mobility

The Rialto provides flexibility when filming with gimbals, handheld, in helicopter/underwater housings, with custom rigs such as those used for 3D/VR content and shooting scenes in confined spaces such as vehicles. The separated image block weighs just 1.8 kg with PL mount and 1.3 kg lb with E-mount.

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