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Vinten Osprey Plus Pedestal System with Integrated Manual Pump

פדסטל Osprey Plus מבית Vinten, לעבודת אולפן חלקה ללא משאבה חיצונית. יכול לסחוב עד 70 קילו ומגיע לגובה של 1.5 מ'.
  • Supports up to 154 lb
  • 26.6 to 57.9" Height Range
  • 16.1" Smooth In-Shot Height Adjustment
  • Removable Pedestal Dolly
  • Air Inlet Valve, Built-In Pressure Gauge
  • 5" Wheels with Cable Guards
  • Narrow Transit and Tracking Widths
  • Quickfix QR System Included
  • Accessory Tray Included
מק"ט POD-VOP

For smooth single-operator camera moves, crab or standard steering, and smooth 16" in-shot height adjustment, the Vinten Osprey Plus Pedestal System with Integrated Manual Pump is your go-to camera support for cameras and rigs weighing up to 154 lb. Suitable for use on smooth surfaces and the studio floor, the pedestal can be used as support on interiors. With its integrated manual pump, you don't need an external pump or tank.

Grab the integrated steering ring to move the pedestal from position to position for rapid camera placement and change the height throughout 16.1" of smooth vertical adjustment for in-shot camera moves. The pedestal supports standard steering and has built-in track locks. The included Quickfix system allows you to rapidly mount/unmount compatible heads The air inlet valve allows you to use an external pump, and the integrated pressure gauge lets you see the pressure remaining at a glance. The pedestal dolly has 5" wheels and cable guards to help prevent you from rolling over a cable ruining the shot, removable for easier transport and storage.


Supporting up to 154 lb, with almost effortless adjustments and precise steering, the Osprey Plus can be used to work with most cameras, lenses, and combinations of teleprompters to work in a studio setting. Smooth and silent with exact direction control allows solo operators the freedom to position their cameras perfectly with ease.

Balanced Operation

Calibrated and perfectly balanced to counter gravity, the Osprey Plus pedestal allows operators to lift and lower mounted cameras, teleprompters, and other accessories. Ergonomically positioned controls reduce strain on your body for more comfort during long periods of use.


The 32" height adjustment range makes it quick and easy to select the right camera height when filming seated or standing subjects.

Perfect Balance Stage

Featuring a Perfect Balance stage, you can smoothly adjust the height of the pedestal through a 16.1" range while shooting without stops or bumps when adjusting the height. This allows the operator to create vertical camera movement without distracting the audience or to move from a seated to a standing position without jarring the camera.


The Osprey Plus and its included pedestal dolly support both standard steering track locks for free camera movement and positioning.

Wheels and Cable Guards

The 5" wheels with integrated cable guards help provide smooth camera moves while the cable guards help prevent you from rolling over unattended cables, which can lead to jarring camera moves, needing to rebalance your camera setup, or damaged cables and gear.

Air Pressure

In addition to the integrated manual pump, the Osprey Plus has an air inlet valve that lets you use optional pumps or a compressed air cylinder (not included) to replenish the pedestal's pressure.
ראש Vinten 250
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