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DESISTI Fresnel 10Kw Big Eye

פנס עדשה 10K טנגסטן - בייבי 10K ביג איי - עדשה גדולה
  • Capacity 10,000W
  • Fresnel Len Ø450mm
  • Color Temp 3200K
  • Operating Range +30º ~ 0º ~ -30º
מק"ט LHT-10BE

The Leonardo Piccolo series of Fresnel lens spotlights has been designed to take full advantage of the small size of current Quartz Tungsten Halogen lamps.

This reduction in lamp dimension and improvements in optical and ventilation systems means that a luminaire can be produced with both compact and efficient with precise control required.

All accessories are fully interchangeable with standard Leonardo Range. The Piccolo is truly lightweight and compact and is ideal as an all purpose spot for location or ENG work or indeed, anywhere where size and weight are at premium.

  • High efficiency wide-angle lenses
  • Corrosion-resistant aluminium construction
  • Extremely even light distribution
  • Focus knob on front and rear
  • Easy service access
  • Wide range of accessories
Lamphead Type: Fresnel, 12000 W
Reflector Type: Spherical specular high purity aluminum
Lamp Type: 12000 W / 230 V monoplane; CP83 10000 W / 230 V monoplane
Power Consumption: 12000 W, 10000 W
Voltage Range: 230 V
Lamp Base: G38
Dimmability: Yes, 0 – 100 % via external dimming system
Cable Options: bare ends
Correlated Color Temperature: 3200 K
Beam Angle: 13° – 63°
Product Weight: 26,5 kg / 58.4 lbs.
Shipping Weight: 46 kg / 101.5 lbs. (incl. pallet)


Light Head Weight


Light Head Front diameter


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בייבי 10K ביג איי

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