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CINEROID FL400S Flexible LED Panel Light

פנס לדים גמיש בגודל 24 על 24 ס"מ של חברת CINEROID. הפנס הוא בי קולור בטווח של טמפרטורות 2700K -6500K. על אף גודלו הקטן וצריכת החשמל הנמוכה (65W) לפנס דיוק צבע מפתיע ועוצמה אדירה של 2000 LUX - הוא ללא ספק מתחרה בקלות בפנסים גדולים יותר בקטגוריה. לפנס 400 נורות לד כאשר מחציתן דיי לייט ומחציתן טנגסטן, קל מאוד לנשיאה (160 גרם), עובד עם סוללות או חשמל ומתחבר בקלות לסטנד או אביזר תלייה.
מק"ט LHT-FL4

Cineroid’s uniquely-sized FL400 LED light delivers a high power output in a compact, lightweight & flexible design.

Weighing 160g in a 25cm x 25cm format, the LED light mat can be mounted and operated in positions where traditional LED fixtures are unable to go. Total 360° pliability allows the mat to be wrapped around objects and hidden in tight spaces on-set. Using gaffer tape or similar, it’s possible to adhere FL400 directly on most surfaces, curved or flat.

With the dedicated ‘X-Mount’ bracket, FL400 can be mounted on light stands or other lighting grip using a 16mm spigot.

The LED mat benefits from rain and dust proofing, permitting continued operation in unforgiving environments.

Its simple lighting controller features an integral LCD panel that displays current colour temperature and brightness settings. Adjustments are made using the individual rotary dials, while separate ‘lock’ buttons can be used to hold settings, preventing accidental changes.

A 2 meter cable extends from the lighting controller – enough length to reach the LED mat in most shooting situations. Extension cables are available separately, allowing for up to 20 meters between the controller & mat, with locking connectors to guarantee a secure link without interruption.

Built-in loop points allow the controller to be attached on light stands using velcro ties – two of which are included in the kit. The controller also incorporates a single 1/4-20” mounting thread, for use with an articulated arm or similar apparatus.

FL400 can be powered from mains electricity using the included AC power supply, with battery plates also available for V-Mount & Gold mount batteries. Plates fit directly to the back of the lighting controller using a secure quick-mount mechanism.

FL400 brings a powerful light output that belies its small size, delivering 2100 LUX at 1 meter. Colour temperature is variable between 2700°K & 6500°K, with overall dimming set from 1% to 100. A high CRI rating of 94+ ensures true-to-life colour reproduction, making post-production and colour grading much easier.

With the FL400-3S package, users receive three LED light kits inclusive of a large carrying bag. Each individual kit includes an LED mat, lighting controller, X-Mount, AC power supply & UK power cable. A soft diffuser is also bundled, fitting to the LED mat using velcro and folding down to a compact size for easy storage.

FL400 is a unique lighting fixture delivering a powerful output in a compact, lightweight & flexible design.
















לד 400 גמיש
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מתקון לסטנד 1K
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