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מטען DE-A20 של פנסוניק. מתאים לסוללות CGA-54
  • For AG-HVX200, DVX and DVC Camcorders
  • For CGR-D54 Batteries
מק"ט ACS-70

Panasonic DE-A20 Battery Charger.

The Panasonic AG-B20 is a battery charger for the HVX-200 camera package. This charger will charge the CGR-D54 and other DVX and DVC series Panasonic batteries utilizing standard Panasonic connectivity for power. It also offers AC adapter capabilities for the camcorders.

Specific Application
Designed to power the AG-HVX200 camcorder and charge the CGR-D54 battery, this unit will also work for other batteries utilized in DVX and DVC series camcorders.
מטען DE-A20
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