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Sigma CINE FF High Speed Prime PL-Mount Lens set

סט 10 עדשות, 14, 20, 24, 28, 35, 40, 50, 85, 105, 135, פול פרים, היי ספיד T1.5 (מלבד ה 14mm וה 135mm שהן T2) קומפקטיות, קלות ואיכותיות מבית SIGMA
  • High image performance covering full frame sensors; suitable for 8K capture
  • Fast T1.5 maximum aperture aids in shooting with low light levels
  • Compact, dust- and water-resistant design with a common front diameter of 95mm across the line

The image quality of a high-end prime lens.
Full-frame compatibility—yet compact.
Introducing a complete lineup of fine lenses.

These set of TEN (10) PL-Mount prime lenses range from 14mm to 135mm, and all offer T1.5 or T2 brightness. Rivaling a high-end prime set with their stunning image quality and compact construction, they also offer full-frame coverage. With this complete set of ten lenses designed for 6K-8K shooting, the FF High Speed Prime Line allows filming of various cuts without making any changes to the lighting, taking cinematography to the next level of performance.

Key Features


  • Wide focal length coverageThe lineup covers everything from wide angle to telephoto. Produce an entire work with SIGMA lenses alone.
  • CompatibilityCompatibility has been confirmed with each brand of cinema cameras.
  • Lenses for both S35 and full-frameThe High Speed Zoom Line is compatible with Super35, the image size standard used by typical digital cinema cameras, while the FF High Speed Prime Line and FF Zoom Line are compatible with a full-frame image circle.
  • Strong high-speed lens lineupT1.5 or T2 is available in prime lenses, while T2 is available throughout the zoom range in zoom lenses. These options enable cinematographers to realize a wide range of expressive goals.

Image Quality

  • Inspecting each and every lensThere are three requirements for outstanding lenses: fine design, precise manufacturing and inspection that ensures compliance with all specifications. SIGMA lenses are born of outstanding design concepts and excellent manufacturing technology, but they are not complete until they undergo their uncompromising lens performance evaluation. SIGMA has developed their own A1 proprietary Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) measuring system using 46-megapixel Foveon direct image sensors. Even previously undetectable high-frequency details are now within the scope of their quality control inspections. Each and every lens is checked before shipping. Thanks to the ultra-high resolution sensors, high- performance shooting is assured.
  • Minimization of flare and ghostingComputer-based ray tracing has been used from the design stage onward to minimize flare and ghosting and enhance contrast in backlit conditions. Ghosting has also been checked at every prototype stage, with its causes identified, assessed, and eliminated.
  • Sharpness combined with outstanding bokeh effectTo fulfill the high demands for image quality in still photography, SIGMA has solved a wide range of issues. The benefit of these efforts can now be enjoyed in cine lenses as well.
  • Color balance standardized across the lineupAll of the lenses in the lineup are designed to comply with SIGMA’s CCI standard. Standardized color balance makes color correction a snap.
  • 6K-8K class resolutionThe lineup features the same optical system that delivers 50-megapixel or higher resolution in still photography. These lenses are therefore ready for higher-resolution shooting and are ideal for chroma keying as well.

Build Quality

  • Lightweight and compactLeveraging the high-precision, high-efficiency mass production technologies developed for its still camera lenses, SIGMA has made extremely lightweight and compact cine lenses a reality. Featuring all functions essential to cinematography, these lenses keep weight and size to a minimum, while their specification is optimized for enhanced durability. The end result is a combination of performance and compact design at the highest level.
  • Dust-proof and splash-proof constructionThe lineup features the same dust-proof and splash-proof construction as the SIGMA 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM|Sports. With each ring and mount specially sealed to prevent water and dust from entering, this lens is ready for use in tough conditions. The unusually robust specification of the lineup allows the user to concentrate on shooting while significantly reducing the burden of maintenance.
  • 100% metal bodyThe body is made completely of metal to stand up to tough professional use over the long term.
  • Luminous paint for enhanced visibilityThe specification, gradation baseline, and lens change indications all feature luminous paint to aid in changing the lens in the dark and other tasks. Moreover, new FULLY LUMINOUS versions of the lenses feature the above plus rings whose numbers and gradations are finished with luminous paint.
  • Laser engraving for enhanced durabilityInformation on rings and elsewhere is laser-engraved for use over the long term. In addition, tape may be placed on gradations without fear of stripping away paint when it is removed.


  • 82mm filter size* 1The filter size is standardized at 82mm, allowing users to use the same size of ND filter on different lenses.
    *Certain lens models are not compatible with 82mm filters.
  • 95mm front diameter 2The front diameter is 95mm, similar to that of other cine lenses and compatible with matte boxes. Compared to lenses in the same class, SIGMA’s cine lenses are more lightweight and compact.


  • Standardized gear positions 3 4 5The positions of the gears in each ring are standardized, eliminating the need to adjust the follow focus, motor unit, or accessories even when the lens changes.
  • 0.8M gear pitch 3 4 5Each lens has a 0.8M gear pitch, which is the standard for cine lenses, ensuring compatibility with existing accessories.
  • Silent ring stoppers 3 4 5The stopper of each ring incorporates a damper made of a special resin, resulting in silent operation. While offering a satisfying lock feel, this feature eliminates any metallic sounds, allowing the user to shoot with confidence in a quiet area.
  • 180° focus rotational angle 3At 180°, the rotational angle of the focus ring is more than double that of a still camera lens, making possible extremely high-precision focusing. SIGMA has also optimized the cam for cine lenses for even easier long distance focusing.
  • 160° zoom rotational angle 4At 160°, the rotational angle of the zoom ring is more than double that of a still camera lens, making possible extremely high-precision zooming.
  • Iris with full manual controlFeaturing manual control capability, the iris ring offers smooth control without clicks. The T-stop display, which is standard in cine lenses, contributes to high-precision exposures. Just like a high-end cine lens, the rotational angle of the iris ring is 60°.
  • Linear iris ring 5The linear iris ring gives users the same rotational angle per T-stop for direct, intuitive control.
  • Selectable focus ring with feet or meter graduationsBased on user needs, a focus ring with either feet or meter graduations may be selected. For a small charge, SIGMA can also convert the ring from one type to the other after purchase.


  • This product at UTOPIA is available @ PL-MOUNT only
Lineup14mm T2 FF20mm T1.5 FF24mm T1.5 FF28mm T1.5 FF35mm T1.5 FF40mm T1.5 FF50mm T1.5 FF85mm T1.5 FF105mm T1.5 FF135mm T2 FF
Focal Length14mm20mm24mm28mm35mm40mm50mm85mm105mm135mm
ApertureT2 to T16T1.5 to T16T1.5 to T16T1.5 to T16T1.5 to T16T1.5 to T16T1.5 to T16T1.5 to T16T1.5 to T16T2 to T16
Number of Diaphragm Blades9 (Rounded diaphragm)9 (Rounded diaphragm)9 (Rounded diaphragm)9 (Rounded diaphragm)9 (Rounded diaphragm)9 (Rounded diaphragm)9 (Rounded diaphragm)9 (Rounded diaphragm)9 (Rounded diaphragm)9 (Rounded diaphragm)
Close Focus10.27m / 11″0.276m / 11″0.25m / 10″0.30m / 1′0.30m / 1′0.40m / 1′4″0.40 m/ 1′4″0.85 m / 2′10″1 m / 3′4″0.875 m / 2′11″
Image CoverageFF Φ43.3FF Φ43.3FF Φ43.3FF Φ43.3FF Φ43.3FF Φ43.3FF Φ43.3FF Φ43.3FF Φ43.3FF Φ43.3
Front diameter95mm95mm95mm95mm95mm95mm95mm95mm95mm95mm
Filter Size82mm82mm82mm82mm82mm86mm82mm





Focal Length



T1.5 or T2.0

14mm/T2 PL-Mount
20mm/T1.5 PL-Mount
24mm/T1.5 PL-Mount
28mm/T1.5 PL-Mount
35mm/T1.5 PL-Mount
40mm/T1.5 PL-Mount
50mm/T1.5 PL-Mount
85mm/T1.5 PL-Mount
105mm/T1.5 PL-Mount
135mm/T2 PL-Mount
10* מכסה עדשה קדמי ואחורי
2* קייס עדשה

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