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MATTHEWS Checkerboard Lame Gold/Silver 6X6

בד דמקה זהב/כסף בגודל 6X6 פיט.
  • 6' Checkerboard x 6' Gold/Silver
  • create a mixture of reflection while maintaining the same soft bounce quality of both materials
מק"ט FLG-6CL

Matthews makes 6'x6' Overheads out of the best fabric on the market today. View our fabric specifications page for a quick rundown on the purpose of each fabric.  All fabrics are tested in a black chamber with an incandescent light source at one end and the fabric positioned 2/3 of the way between the source and the digital light meter.

All Matthews Checkerboard products are cut and sewn with precision that is unmatched in the industry today. Overhead Sets include one Single Scrim, one Double Scrim, one Artificial Silk and one Solid; a storage bag and a frame.

בד דמקה 6X6

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