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מנוע Cforce Plus מבית ARRI הוא מנוע חזק המתאים גם לעדשות גדולות, אשר מתאים לשימוש כמנוע זום,פוקוס או צמצם, המנוע יכול להתחבר בין היתר ישירות ל-Alexa Mini ע"י חיבור LBUS וניתנת אפשרות חיבור בין מספר מנועים למתן מתח בשביל עבודה נוחה יותר.
  • Robust, Smooth Lens Motor
  • Adjusts Lens Focus, Zoom, or Iris
  • For ARRI ALEXA Mini Camera
  • For Other Cameras Using AMC-1 Controller
  • 15/19mm Combo Rod Bracket
  • 0.8-Mod/32-Pitch, 60-Tooth Gear
מק"ט VA-CFP

The ARRI cforce Plus Motor Basic Set includes a robust lens-control motor, an 0.8-mod, 60-tooth gear, and a 19/15mm rod-mounting bracket. Strong enough to smoothly drive any standard lens, the cforce Plus works directly with the ALEXA Mini camera (with PL LBUS lens mount). It may also be used with any other ARRI and third-party cameras when paired with the ARRI AMC-1 Active Motor Controller.

ARRI's cforce Plus Motor is a strong, LBUS-connected motor used to remotely control your lens's focus, iris, or zoom function. With more torque than its cforce Mini cousin, the cforce Plus has the power to control any standard lens quickly and smoothly. Directly compatible with ARRI ALEXA Mini cameras and cmotion units, the cforce Plus Motor can be paired with an AMC-1 Controller when working with other ARRI or third-party cameras. Up to three cforce Plus Motors may be daisy-chained together, saving the space and weight of individual controllers in your camera rig.

The cforce Plus Motor offers compatibility with the same mounting options as the ARRI CLM-4 motor, including a Hill Bracket and standard rod mounts. The cforce Plus weighs about 11 ounces with a gear and bracket (available separately). This basic motor unit requires a separately available gear, cable, and bracket.

  • Strong lens-control motor works directly with ARRI ALEXA Mini cameras and cmotion units via its LBUS interface
  • Compatible with other ARRI and third-party cameras when used with the ARRI AMC-1
  • Provides sufficient torque for smooth, quick control of standard lenses
  • Up to three motors may be daisy-chained together via their LBUS connectors
  • Works with CLM-4 mounting options including a Hill bracket, and standard rod mounts (available separately)
גלגל שיניים 0.8
מקטין קוטר מ-19 מ"מ ל-15 מ"מ
כבל LBUS

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