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FILM DEVICES Camera Magnetic Car Mount Kit

סט מתקון מגנט Film Devices למצלמה קטנה / בינונית. מתקון זה מאפשר תפיסת מצלמה בשתי נקודות ובאחיזת מגנט חזק מאוד. המגנט מאפשר מתקון חיצוני ישירות על גבי גוף הרכב, או בהתקנה פנימית ע"י שימוש במגנט אחורי משני צידי החלון.
  • Mount Cameras or Devices
  • Rubber-Covered Magnetic Mounting Disks
  • 1/4"-20, 3/8"-16. and 5mm Mounting Holes
  • Cheese Plates Increase Mounting Options
  • Articulating Arms Included
  • Ball Joint Head
  • Hard-Sided Carry Case with Purge Valve
מק"ט GRP-MMS

The Film Devices Camera Magnetic Car Mount Kit includes magnetic mounting disks and accessories that allow you to mount up to four DSLRs/mirrorless cameras, action cameras, compact camcorders, or other small devices onto a car or other moving platform. The eight rubber mounting disks come in two sizes, 2.6" and 3.5" with 50- and 60-pound holding force, respectively. A custom cheese plate with 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 mounting holes is installed on half of the mounting disks.

In addition to the rubber mounting disks, a variety of mounting and positioning accessories are also included. Two articulating arms, one 7" and one 11", can attach to the rubber mounting disks and allow you to position your device in almost any position, or they can be used to stabilize your mounted device. An included ball joint adapter lets you attach to a camera's cold shoe. The disks and accessories fit neatly in a hard-sided case with custom-cut foam.

Magnetic Mounting Disks

The magnetic mounting disks can be used individually to mount your device on a ferrous metal surface.
The magnetic disks are coated in rubber to protect the surfaces they are mounted on.
You can secure the disks to non-magnetic items (such as an automotive windshield) by sandwiching the material between two of the magnetic disks.
The small magnetic disks feature a 1/4"-20 and two 5mm threaded holes, while the large magnetic disks feature a 3/18"-16 and two 5mm threaded mounting screws.
Two each 2.6" and 3.5" magnets have a cheese plate mounted on the magnet's 5mm mounting screws. The cheese plates have 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 mounting holes.
The kit includes a 7/16" wrench that is used to tighten the shoulder nuts located at the end of the articulating arm and serve as a locking nut between the arm and magnet.


The included case features a purge valve, which is useful when traveling by air.
The case features padlock hasps that allow you to lock and protect your gear.
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מתקון מגנט קדמי קטן + פלטת הברגות
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