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מצלמה רובוטית נשלטת Pen Tilt Zoom בעלת חיישן 3CMOS "1/2 בעלת יציאת SDI וזום אופטי X14.
  • 1/2" Exmor Full HD 3CMOS Sensor
  • 14x Optical Zoom (5.8-81.2mm, F1.9-2.8)
  • Low Light Rating - 4 lux F1.9, +24 db
  • Simultaneous HD-SDI and SD Output
מק"ט CAM-H90

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The Sony BRC-H900 is an HD video PTZ camera unit. The unit consists of the pan/tilt module and the camera head and lens. The BRC-H900 is switchable between 59.98 and 50 Hz standards (NTSC and PAL), and simultaneously outputs both HD/SDI and SD video. This feature makes it well suited for facilities that are planning to transition to HD, as you can shoot SD now, and change over to HD by simply using a different output on the unit.

The camera head produces HD video in 1080i or 720p, using the 1/2" Exmor Full HD 3CMOS sensor and a 5.8-81.2mm / f/1.9-f/2.8 optical zoom lens. It features a sensitivity of 4-lux at F1.9 with gain at + 24 db, for low light shooting capability. An extensive image-control menu tree is accessible by remote, allowing for fine-tuning and optimizing of the image. The BRC-H900 has a slot for a single expansion card. Optional cards are available for adding additional HD/SD-SDI output, additional analog SD output, HD Optical Multiplex capability, or IP control.

The BRC-H900 unit installs on a desk or a tripod, or mounts onto a ceiling using the included hardware. Tripod mounting is possible by using one of the two 1/4"-20 receivers in the base of the unit. The camera also comes with an included Image Flip Option, which simplifies setting up the camera when mounted upside down. You can program the camera with up to 16 preset positions, which is useful for repetitive events and productions.

Remote operation is a major component of the BRC-H900's design. The included Sony Remote Commander utilizes IR to control the unit, which also has a built-in 3-position IR selector switch, allowing individual control of adjacent units. Additionally the optional Sony RM-BR300 remote control unit can control the BRC-H900 when connected to the unit's built-in RS-232C or RS-422 ports using Sony's VISCA protocol. The RM-BR300 can individually control up to 7 cameras daisy chained together. Installation of an optional IP controller card in the expansion slot allows for remote operation over IP.

The small size and remote operation capabilities of the BRC-H900 allow for placement where a manually operated camera and operator could not go. It features remote control operation of pan, tilt, zoom, focus, iris, shutter speed, and gain. The BRC-H900 is suitable for use in the corporate boardroom, video studio, auditorium, house of worship, government buildings, and for remote and e-learning applications.

Remote operated HD camera with pan, tilt, zoom, focus, iris, and shutter speed control
Pan and tilt speed 0.22 to 60°/sec
16 programmable position presets
1/2" Exmor 3CMOS sensor with approximately 2.1 MP
f/1.9-2.8 14x Optical Zoom Lens
Outputs 1080/59.94i, 720/59.94p, and NTSC at 60 Hz operation
Outputs 1080/50i, 720/50p, and PAL at 50 Hz operation
Simultaneous output of HD and SD video NTSC / PAL selectable
Flexible mounting system: desktop, tripod or ceiling
Menu settings
  • Exposure
  • Color
  • Detail
  • Color Detail
  • Knee
  • Gamma
  • Flicker Cancel
  • Focus
  • Pan Tilt
  • System
  • Video Out
Remote Operation
  • IR remote control
    • 3 ID settings for individual control of BRC-H900 units
    • Access to 6 Programmable Position Presets
    • Access to camera menu tree
    • Control of BRC-H900 functions
  • Visca control over RS-232C or RS-422
    • Individual control of up to 7 BRC-H900 units with optional RM-BR300
    • Access to all 16 Programmable Position Presets
    • Access to camera menu tree
    • Control of BRC-H900 functions
  • Optional IP Control
    • Requires installation of optional BRBKIP10 expansion card in each unit to be controlled
    • Requires use of optional RM-IP10 IP remote control unit
      • Individual control of up to 112 BRC-H900 units
      • Access to all 16 Programmable Position Presets
      • Access to camera menu tree
      • Control of BRC-H900 functions
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