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Portkeys BM5-WR 2200nit "5.2

ה-BM5 הוא מוניטור מקצועי וייחודי בזכות ה-LCD המצוייד ב- 2200 nits ומסך מגע אשר מאפשר עבודה בתנאי אור גבוהים ללא סך שמש. גרסת ה BM5-WR מאפשרת שליטה אלחוטית גם במצלמות RED. בנוסף, המוניטור מגיע עם LUTS מובנים וניתן להזין נוספים ע"י דיסקאונקי ישירות לתוך המוניטור.
  • 5" 3G-SDI/HDMI 1920 x 1080 Monitor
  • Up to 1080p60 Input Support
  • 2200 cd/m² Brightness, HDR Preview
  • HDMI and SDI Input, SDI Loop Output
  • Multi-touch touchscreen
  • 3D LUT support with custom LUTs via USB
מק"ט MON-BM5W

Camera Control

Portkeys BM5WR comes with a wireless control module specially designed to connect with RED Komodo wirelessly. The BM5WR with Camera Control maintains the same reliable BM5 clarity, vivid color details, and dynamic touch screen camera control.

BM5 WR Camera Control

  • Support Wi-Fi connection and camera control RED Komodo.
  • Support Bluetooth paired and camera control BMPCC 4K, 6K, 6K Pro.

Wired Camera Control of Sony Canon, Panasonic, Z CAM and BMD

Wired control Sony, Canon, Panasonic, BMD, and ZCAM E2, REC Key.

wired-control-cameraConnecting REC KEY

Wired Motors Control TILTA Nucleus N/M  and Cursor Display

The BM5WR can display the position of the TILTA Nucleus N/M and display the wireless follow the focus scale. All in all, it can provide professional content creators with reliable tools for various scenario.

Portkeys BM5WR motor control of Tilta

Support Touch Screen Control Focus on RED KOMODO, BGH1, E2

When you touch the screen of the monitor, it draws highlights around the edge of the focus, so you can focus quickly and accurately in real-time without any other tools.

BM5 WR touch screen control focus of KOMODO

2200NIT Super Bright, Sees Everything Clearly in Daylight

Portkeys BM5WR offers a 2200nit ultra-high brightness 5.5-inch display with a clear resolution, excellent color, and contrast, and precise image control.

2200nit super bright screen

Robust Design

Rugged aluminum alloy shell design, durable and lightweight. BM5WR uses a sturdy aluminum alloy shell and weighs only 376g, which can withstand heavy daily operations, so it is easy to carry when shooting.


There is an HDMI import and SDI input and output ports. SDI OUT can output an image superimposed with 3DLUT and a peaking.

Portkeys BM5WR HDMI/SDI 1080P60

Color Calibration

Each BM5WR has passed strict hardware color calibration before shipping to ensure the widest color gamut and the most accurate colors.

10-bit (8+2 FRC)

The 10-bit color depth makes the display color reproduction more accurate, the image quality is more delicate, and the level is richer.

ARRI False Color Mode

Expose your image using ARRI false color mode and user-defined mode. When you use the user-defined mode, you can freely set the IRE.

ARRI False Color

New Peaking

The optimized new peaking algorithm can accurately capture the subtle facial focus.

Portkeys BM5 WR new peaking

High-precision Waveform

The high-precision full-screen waveform can accurately capture 1920X1080 pixels frame by frame.

High-precision Waveform

Image Capture & Image Overlay

Image Capture takes a snapshot of the video feed being sent through SDI or HDMI (combined with a LUT if desired) and saves it to memory – great for shot matching (continuity) or a quick overview of the days’ shots.

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X3 סוללות + מטען
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