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UTOPIA Bi-Directional SFP Dual Ethernet Transceivers

סט של 2 ממירי רשת/סיב אופטי דו כיוונים.
מק"ט VA-SIP

Product Description

Product Include

  • 2x Gigabit Ethernet Fiber Media Converter
  • 2x BiDi SFP slot LC Multi-Mode Dual Transceiver module up to 550m
  • 2x DC Power Adapter Output voltage:5V DC/1A

Feature Introduction

  1. Optical Port Data Rate:1.25Gbps,10/100/1000Base-Tx to 1000Base-LX Dual LC Fiber Gigabit Media Converter
  2. Interface: Dual LC Port+RJ45 Port, RJ45 Port Data Rate: 10/100/1000M auto-negotiation
  3. Fiber Type: Multi-Mode Dual, Fiber Connector: Dual LC Fiber, Reach:550m,Included Power Supply Weight:0.35kg

Excellent Function

  1. Super Heat Dissipation: Air-vent on both sides and metal enclosure provide better heat dissipation, low power consumption and long service life
  2. Lightning protection. Strong anti-interference ability. High-speed and stability signal conversion
  3. Standalone design with simple plug-and-play set-up. Compact size provide more flexible installation options.Dimensions:95x72x27mm(DxW xH)
  4. Power Adapter Safety standards: UL/EN60950 GB4943, Power Dissipation ≤3 watts, External Power:AC100V~240V
  5. High-quality Conversion Chip & Easy Installation, Operating temperature: 0°C to 60°C.Storage temperature:-20°C to 70°C.Humidity:5% to 90% RH

Wide Applications

  1. Extend or bridge networks using fiber cable
  2. Provide connectivity to users in an isolated area of a large complex or in a separate building
  3. Ideal for secure connections required by government or corporations where EMI is not acceptable

LED Indicators

  1. FP: Light on when fiber speed is 1000Mbps,else light off
  2. TP: Light on when TP speed is 1000Mbps, else light off
  3. Link/ACT: Left side is indicate for fiber port link/act and right side for TP, light flashing when data transmitting and receiving
  4. FDX: Light on when TP full-duplex mode is active, light off when TP half-duplex mode is active
  5. PWR: Light on when DC power on else light off.
2x ממיר רשת/סיב אופטי דו כיווני
2x מתאם SFP לסיב דו גידי
2x ספקי 5v

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