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Atlas PL to PL LF Extender 1.6x

מרחיב עדשה PL LF Extender 1.6x של חברת Atlas. משנה את אורך המוקד של עדשות Super35 כך שיתאימו למצלמות Full-Frame עם הורדה מינימאלית של כמות אור.
  • For Atlas Orion PL Anamorphic Lenses
  • PL Lens to PL-Mount Camera
  • Increases Coverage to Large Format
  • Increases Focal Length by 1.6x
  • 1.3-Stop Light Loss
  • Rear Element Clearance Gauge
מק"ט LNA-PTP

Increase the sensor coverage of your Orion-series lens with the PL lens to PL-mount 1.6x LF Extender from the Atlas Lens Co. This adapter helps to provide edge-to-edge coverage for up to full-frame and large-format camera sensors. This extender increases the focal length of your lens by a factor of 1.6x and decreases light transmission by 1.3 stops. The included gauge enables you to check whether the rear element of your lens will interfere with the optics of the extender. This extender is also compatible with most third-party PL-mount lenses.

Increases Sensor Coverage

  • Increases Orion series coverage to include full-frame and large-format sensors
  • Compatible with ARRI LF, Sony VENICE, RED MONSTRO, and VistaVision cameras

Low Light Loss

  • Decreases light transmission by just 1.3 stops

Equivalent Focal Lengths

  • Orion 21mm + 1.6x extender = ~34mm
  • Orion 25mm + 1.6x extender = ~40mm
  • Orion 32mm + 1.6x extender = ~51mm
  • Orion 40mm + 1.6x extender = ~64mm
  • Orion 50mm + 1.6x extender = ~80mm
  • Orion 65mm + 1.6x extender = ~104mm
  • Orion 80mm + 1.6x extender = ~128mm
  • Orion 100mm + 1.6x extender = ~160mm
Atlas PL to PL LF Extender 1.6x

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Atlas PL to LPL LF Extender 1.6x