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APUTURE Motorized F14 Fresnel for Electro Storm

עדשת פרנל המתחברת לפנסי Aputure מסדרת Electro Storm בלבד. העדשה מתחברת בחיבור אלקטרוני Aputure A-mount ומתקשרת עם הפנס לביצועים אופטימלים.

  • 14" Fresnel Lens
  • Adjustable Beam Angle from 18 to 45°
  • Bluetooth Control with Sidus Link App
  • Manual Control with LCD Screen
מק"ט LA-F14

The F14 Fresnel from Aputure is an electronic light modifier with a large 14" diameter lens and a motorized 18 to 45° spot-flood adjustable beam angle range. The F14 incorporates an Aputure Mount that communicates with the Electro Storm light instruments to relay calibration data that the mounted fixtures can use to optimize the accuracy of their light engine output. The included detachable yoke provides better balance when mounting the fixture on a stand. It also has a safety chain for added rigging security. The barndoors provide finer control over beam spread, making it possible to flag areas for more control.

Designed for the Electro Storm CS15 and Electro Storm XT26 high-output point-source fixtures, the F14 Fresnel optimizes and amplifies the light output, providing smooth, remote adjustability and a beautiful light quality only achievable with large Fresnels.

עדשת פרנל Motorized F14