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APUTURE LS 1200 4-Light Bracket

מסגרת מתקון חזקה במיוחד, למתקון 4 פנסי Aputure 1200D.

  • Designed for LS 1200d Pro LED Lights
  • Supports up to Four Fixtures
  • Allows Pan and Tilt for Each Light
  • Achieves 4800W Output with LS 1200d Pro
  • Four Junior Pin Receivers
  • Junior Mounting Pin for Stands & Rigging
  • Compatible with Other Select Fixtures
  • Rosette Yoke Supports Heavy Lights
  • Heavy-Duty Aluminum Frame
  • Reinforced Corners for Durability
מק"ט LA-4LB

This 5 x 4' LS 1200 4-Light Bracket from Aputure allows you to mount up to four LS 1200d Pro LED lights together in a heavy-duty aluminum frame. Designed for filmmakers and lighting technicians who want a single frame for an ultrahigh-powered lighting setup, this bracket combined with four separately available LS 1200d Pro fixtures unleashes up to 4800W of directional daylight-balanced light.

You can choose between a wider spread of light or a high-intensity push in a single direction with the frame's versatile pan-tilt adjustment. Its dual heavy-duty rosette locks allow panning and tilting of the entire fixture and the four junior pin receivers offer independent positioning of each lamp head. In addition to its flexibility, the bracket is also compatible with other fixtures with junior mounting pins. This frame saves you space on set by allowing you to mount up to four lights on a single stand or suspended rigging point.

Construction Details

  • Four 28mm junior pin receivers are compatible with any fixture that uses junior mounting pins
  • 28mm junior mounting pin is compatible with stands and rigging hardware with junior pin mounting receivers
  • Dual heavy-duty rosette yoke supports heavy lights
  • Reinforced corners for durability
מסגרת 4 פנסי Aputure 1200D