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ARRI Antenna Array for Bolt 4K

אנטנה אקטיבית להגדלת טווח הקליטה התואמת לשלל המקלטים מסדרת ה Bolt4K. אנטנה זו כלולה בסטים 1500 ו מקס 5000 וגם ניתן להזמינה בנפרד.
  • Focuses the wireless signal and reduces interference to achieve a boost in reception range (but not above max range of Bolt set)
  • Composed of 3x16 dBi, 2x14 dBi, and 1x2dBi antennas using 5.1-7.3 GHz MIMO
  • Small, Lightweight and made from UV-protected plastic with aluminum alloy
מק"ט WIR-SQB

The Antenna Array for Bolt 4K 4.9-7.3GHz interfaces with Bolt 4K to provide an extremely robust and uninterrupted directional signal at a range of up to 5,000ft. The Array offers a more resilient wireless transmission, especially in challenging RF conditions, by focusing the signal and reducing interference. Featuring a dedicated external omnidirectional antenna for increased reception when the signal is outside the directional cone of the panel array. As a result, you may achieve a boost in the reception range based on the maximum range of the connected Bolt4K.

אנטנה אקטיבית
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