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TIFFEN 72mm Close-up +4 Lens Filter

פילטר Close-up 77mm +4
מק"ט FIL-774

The Tiffen 72mm Close-Up +4 Lens Filter is a close-up lens for use in achieving macro-like results with almost any lens you pair it with. Close-up lenses are essentially diopters that you place over your lens in order to lessen the minimum focus distance by the amount specified on the filter.

You can combine the filters together to increase their strength and to fine tune your close-up settings.

The filter is constructed from premium ColorCore glass for optical clarity and feature an aluminum filter ring with dual threads for ease when combining with other filters.

The filter decrease the minimum focus distance of any lens, providing macro-like results.
Dual threading permits you to combine the filters together or pair with other types of filters.
72mm Close-up +4 Lens Filter

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