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PANASONIC 32GB P2 Memory Card

כרטיס זיכרון P2 32GB למצלמות P2 של פנסוניק.
  • 32GB Storage Capacity
  • Designed for Use in PANASONIC Cameras
מק"ט VTR-P32
Panasonic 32GB E-Series P2 Memory Card.
The reusable 32GB E-Series P2 card offers recording of video, audio, and metadata in any environment, even in challenging conditions of extreme temperature range, shock, and vibration. Its memory recording structure enables transfer of recorded content at faster speeds (up to 1.2Gbps) than professional solid-state memory cards offered by other manufacturers. This super-fast 1.2Gbps transfer speed means you can edit, archive and complete your project faster than ever. Typical real-world results: Since the P2 HD transfer speed is 8:1, you can transfer a full 16GB E Series card with at least 16 minutes of P2 HD video in under two minutes, and a full 32GB E Series card with at least 32 minutes of P2 HD video in less than four minutes.
P2 32GB card
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