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דימר 1000 וואט - 1K במארז מיוחד עבור אפליקציות של צילום.
  • 1000 watt Light Dimmer
  • Comes in an outdoor grade electrical box with heat sink ventilation
  • Cable compression bushings
  •  female and male 240V connectors
מק"ט AC-D1

1000Watt 1K light Dimmer for film or photography applications. comes with standard EU female and male 240V connectors. The 1KW Dimmer will dim 0 to 1,000 watts of 240 volts A.C. from full intensity to complete blackout. This dimmer is especially useful in prolonging the life of large wattage lamps by preventing large inrush currents on a cold filament. The dimmer output is fully protected from overloads and short circuits.

דימר 1K

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