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X4 הוא מיקסר שטח נייד, קומפקטי 4 ערוצים המיועד  לתפקד כמיקסר אודיו עבור פיצ'רים, סרטים תיעודיים, ENG או כמעט כל יישום המחייב מיקסר.
  • Flexible 4 Channel Configuration
  • Balanced Connections
  • Input Attenuation
  • Flexible Powering Options
  • Slate Mic & Test Tone
מק"ט MIX-W4

Wendt X4 4-Channel Portable ENG/EFP Field Mixer.

The Wendt X4 is a portable, compact 4-channel field mixer designed for audio mixing for film, documentaries, ENG or virtually any application requiring a portable mixer. The mixer features 4 XLR balanced microphone inputs with individually switched phantom power allowing an assortment of dynamic and condenser microphones to be used simultaneously. Each input features a rotary level control and the master level provides global level control over all inputs. In addition switchable gain / attenuation on every input provides 10dB, 20dB and 0dB of level gain for dynamic or condenser microphones.

The output section features stereo XLR balanced outputs and a stereo 3.5mm microphone level output jack for feeding signal to camcorders or smaller portable recorders. The balanced XLR outputs are switchable between mic or line level signal. A limiter switch is also located at the output section. The limiter minimizes transient peaks and reduces distortion caused by signal overload. The X4 is powered with 8-AA Alkaline batteries for up to 15 hours and a 2.1mm center pin jack allows the mixer to be powered with an external 9-18VDC source. A multi-pin accessory connector allows multiple X4s to operate ganged or can be used for monitor returns or external power.

Flexible 4 Channel Configuration
The Wendt X4 offers 4-channel remote mixing capability in a compact, rugged, portable unit.
Balanced Connections
4 balanced XLR microphone inputs provide low noise floor and high signal gain. 2 balanced XLR stereo outputs are switchable to send audio at either microphone or line level signal.
Input Attenuation
All balanced microphone inputs feature 3-position attenuation switches, providing 0dB, 10dB and 20dB of attenuation.
Flexible Powering Options
The mixer is powered via 8 x AA alkaline batteries for up to 15 hours. Provisions for external powering are also provided.
Slate Mic & Test Tone
A Built in Slate Microphone and Test Tone Oscillator provides all the tools needed for meter and tape calibration.
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